Powers: Genetically Engineered, Shockwaves


What!?: He was bred to be a warrior, and can create shockwaves

Origins: Shatterstar, or Gaveedra Seven, is a time traveling resident of the Mojoverse dimension, ruled by the tyranical Mojo. He grew up in Mojo’s gladiator arenas until he escaped to join the Cadre Alliance, a rebel group. Shatterstar was then sent to Earth to recruit the X-Men in the fight against Mojo, but arrived in the past, right as X-Force was being formed. After a brief fight with Cable, Domino, and the New Mutants, Shatterstar becomes a founding member of X-Force.

During his time with X-Force, Shatterstar developed a friendship with Rictor. Later, Shatterstar finds himself with the memories of a Benjamin Russell for unknown reasons. He is then mortally wounded in one of Mojo’s plots. He is rescued by Spiral, Mojo’s sometimes ally, and transported to a Metal Institution along with X-Force and Longshot. There, Spiral introduces them to Benjamin Russel, a comatose mutant who looks identical to Shatterstar. In order to save Shatterstars life, Longshot transferred Shatterstar’s soul into Benjamin Russel’s body, merging the two beings. At some point after M-Day, Shatterstar was brainwashed by the villanous Cortex and attacked X-Factor, but broke free and reunited romantically with Rictor. After some time with X-Factor, both Shatterstar and Rictor was thrown into the Mojoverse’s past. It is here that Shatterstar is cloned, giving genetic birth to Longshot. Shatterstar and Rictor were then thrown farther into the future, and witness Longshot’s wife Dazzler giving birth to Shatterstar. It is revealed that Shatterstar knew of his complex origin, and proceeds to wipe Longshot and Dazzler’s memories and sends his baby self into the future, thus securing his own timeline.

His Deal: Shatterstar is the son of Dazzler and Longshot, which was often hinted at, but never confirmed until the end of X-Factor. Before then, it was speculated that Dazzler had a miscarriage and refuse to talk about it. Shatterstar’s roundabout birth actually makes him similar to Fry from Futurama. He is, after all, technically his own grandfather, has orange hair, and is a time traveler. It still unclear why Shatterstar had the memories of Benjamin Russell, as much of Shatterstar’s life is still a mystery. Shatterstar is a longtime member of X-Force and X-Factor. His love interest is Rictor.

Personality: Shatterstar is a warrior-born. He was raised in Mojo’s gladiator arena’s, developing a warrior’s attitude and honor code. He was prideful, always serious, and had a keen mind for military strategy. Shatterstar excelled in war, but his personal honor kept him from being merciless or extremely bloodthirsty. He initially only saw things from a warrior’s point of view, but his time with X-Force and X-Factor expanded his perspective. Shatterstar has since grown as a person, shedding his serious persona for a more relaxed and curious one. In terms of relationships, Shatterstar views himself as bisexual and polyamorous.

Fun Fact: Shatterstar is the only Mojoverse rebel that was born naturally


First Appearance: New Mutants #99 (1991)


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