Powers: Seismic Energy


What!?: Creates Earthquakes

Origin: Julio Richter, or Rictor, was a young member of a family of gun-smugglers in Mexico. He witnessed his father’s murder at the hands of Stryfe, and vowed eternal vengeance. Rictor is then captured by the anti-mutant group The Right after his powers accidentally destroy several city blocks. The Rights intended to use Rictor to destroy San Francisco, but he rescued by X-Factor.

Rictor, along with many of the X-Factor recruits, eventually joined the New Mutants, where he developed a crush on Wolfsbane. When the New Mutants became X-Force, Rictor left the team, convinced that their leader Cable was the man who killed his father. Rictor later joined X-Force when he learned the truth, and began a close friendship with fellow teammate Shatterstar. Rictor reappears again after M-Day, plagued with suicidal thoughts over the lose of his powers. Thanks to the efforts of M and Layla Miller, he is convinced to join X-Factor Investigations, where he is reunited with Wolfsbane, though they only share one night together. When Rictor is sent to investigate a missing duplicate of Multiple-Man, he is attacked by a hypnotized Shatterstar. When the trance is broken, the two embrace in a kiss. Their romantic future is briefly but in peril by a pregnant Wolfsbane, who falsely claimed her baby was Rictor’s. This is cleared up, with Rictor promising to still help Wolfsbane anyway he can. After many adventures with X-Factor, Rictor is thrown in the Mojoverse, a dimension ruled by a media crazed dictator. He plays witness to the birth of Shatterstar, and learns of his relations with Longshot and Dazzler.

His Deal: Rictor is one of the very few and earliest Mexican mutants associated with the X-Men. He is also one of Marvels most prominent gay characters. He was an original member of the X-Factor recruit group known as the X-Terminators, then as the New Mutants, and as X-Force. He once hated Cable, but only because he thought he was Stryfe, the man who killed his father. He was depowered after M-Day, but got his powers back thanks to the Scarlet Witch. He has been the object of affection for Boom-Boom, Wolfsbane, and Shatterstar.

Personality: Rictor was originally a very angry character. The death of his father right in front of his eyes almost consumed him with vengeance. His only solace was his feelings for others, such as Wolfsbane and Shatterstar. Perhaps due to the lose of a love one, Rictor is particularly loyal to those he loves. Even after lying to him about her baby’s paternity, Rictor was still willing to help Wolfsbane raise her baby. Rictor was also subject to confusion and depression at time, but much of this was resolved when he came to terms with his homosexuality.

Fun Fact: Rictor and Shatterstar had Marvel’s first same-sex kiss


First Appearance: X-Factor #17 (1987)


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