Rusty Collins

Powers: Pyromorphing


What!?: Hs body could generate fire

Origin: Rusty Colllins, or Firefist, was a young Navy man whose powers first manifested during a kiss, causing the other person to burn horribly. Collins was chased down by the police, and then by X-Factor, who had been advertising themselves as mutant exterminators. Luckily for Collins, X-Factor were actually the five original X-Men, who took in Collins for protection and training.

Collins soon becomes the first of many X-Factor rescues. He develops a romantic relationship with ex-morlock Skids, whom he meet after an encounter with the government sponsored Freedom Force. Due to Rusty’s very public power manifestation and naval record, he becomes a constant target of Freedom Force. When Rusty was finally captured by Freedom Force, he was kidnapped by the Mutant Liberation Front, who then brainwashed him into serving the tyrannical Stryfe. Eventually, Collins was freed by Magneto, and joined his Acolytes out of gratitude. As an Acolyte, Rusty died after rescuing Holocaust, a survivor of the Age of Apocalypse timeline who drained many of the Acolytes life force.

His Deal: Rusty Collins was the first mutant that the original X-Factor took in, who had formed exactly for cases such as Rusty. He was trained by the whole team, though he looked up to Cyclops the most. Rusty served as the leader of X-Factor’s recruits, who dubbed themselves the X-Terminators and eventually merged with the New Mutants. ┬áHe also served in the Mutant Liberation Force and Acolytes. His longest relationship was with Skids, whose own powers preventing him from burning her.

Personality: Rusty was a shy and scrawny kid, which was half the reason his Uncle shipped him off the to Navy at a young age. His traumatic fist power manifestation made him fearful for those around him. He felt incredible remorse for the woman he burned, but X-Factor managed to convince him to learn to control his abilities. Under their tutelage, Rusty came out of his shell, becoming a capable leader who was unashamed of being a mutant. He was also very loyal and grateful to the X-Men, as even his joining the Acolytes was partly to keep an eye on them. His young death most likely stunted a stellar future career with the X-Men.

Fun Fact: Rusty remains the only X-Terminator the have died


First Appearance: X-Factor #1 (1986)

Death: Died after Holocaust drained his life force

Greatest Crime: Brainwashed into serving Stryfe.


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