Dr. Kavita Rao

Powers: Master Geneticists


What!?: She’s an expert on DNA and Mutation

Origins: Doctor Kavita “Vita” Rao is a genius geneticist from India who developed a “cure” for mutants, arguing that many mutations often cause mutants to hurt themselves and those around them. By calling her treatment a “cure,” Rao was labeling mutants as a “disease,” something the X-Men found troubling.

It was later revealed that Rao was working with Ord of Breakworld, whose true intentions was to destroy the X-men. Ord managed to be defeated by the X-Men, and Rao’s research was destroyed by Wolverine. After M-Day, where almost all the mutants in the world lost their powers, Beast was able to convince Rao to help him try to restore mutantkind. She joins Beast’s band of scientists called X-Club. ¬†She most likely left X-Club after the mutant race was restored by the events of Avengers vs. X-Men

Her Deal: Dr. Rao was the scientist that seemingly created the cure for mutants. Rao viewed her work as helping mutants commit suicide or hurt other because of their powers. She secretly worked with Ord of Breakworld. She formed a bond of sorts with Beast, who recognized the perks of a mutants cure, given that his own body was prone to sporadic mutations.

Personality: Rao really believed that her mutant cure could help a lot of people. She did not view mutants as a separate race or species, but rather as abnormal humans. As such, her views weren’t necessarily hateful, just ignorant. Most of her initial research came from Ord of Breakworld, implying at least some level of lack of foresight. Rao’s work with X-Club showed that she was either remorseful for her past actions, or at least, still wished to help those she considered suffering.

Fun Fact: Rao’s “cure” was based on a sample of the Legacy Virus


First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men #1 (2004)


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