Deathlok Prime

Powers: Cybernetic Augmentations


What!?: Cyborg

Origins: Deathlok Prime, formerly Evan Wakowski,  is a cyborg from alternate Earth, created from the body of a vicious murderer. He was killed and converted into the leader of the Deathloks, an army of half-robot men sent back in time by the Roxxon Corporation to kill the world’s superheroes.

It turns out that Deathlok was actually an infant during the invasion, and was protected by a woman. This woman ended up fighting against the Roxxon Corporation and was killed by an older Deathlok. Her last words inspired Deathlok to betray his mission, saving the past. He then stays in the past, and eventually founded the same rebel band that helped prevent the Deathlok invasion, thus creating himself. Deathlok appears again to help X-Force deal with another invading Deathlok army from yet another alternate world. Deathlok ends up alternating between missions with X-Force and teaching at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

His Deal: Deathlok Prime is one of many Deathloks in the history of Marvel. Deathlok Prime’s history is stuck in a time loop. Older Deathlok ensured his own existence by creating the situation that would lead his younger self to become a Deathlok, rebel against his programming, and starting the cycle again. Of course, Deathlok Prime has been designated as from Earth-10511, and thus an alternate timeline.

Personality: As a human, Deathlok Prime was a murderous sociopath, who relished the act of killing. His bloodthirst actually made him embrace his new cybernetic enhancement, as they made him nearly unstoppable. His cybernetic body repressed his conscious control, but his subconscious urges drove him to excel in the field. It was only after the death of his previous caretaker that Deathlok Prime began to develop a new type of personality. His artificial intelligence gained sentience, and sought to learn about compassion and love.

Fun Fact: Deathlok predicted the futures of a select group of Jean Grey students. Most involved either leadership roles or dictator roles


First Appearance: Wolverine: Weapon X #11 (2010)

Greatest Crime: A lifetime of murder and mayhem


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