Powers: Spacial Displacement


What!?: Teleportation

Origins: Telford Porter, or the Vanisher, used his mutant ability to build a criminal empire. He attempted to extort money from the United States by stealing defense secrets, but was defeated by the original X-Men.

Porter then joined Factor Three, a mutant team bent on starting WWIII and ruling the world, but he rebels when discovers that Factor Three was actually working for an invading alien. Vanisher resurface periodically until he founded a group of young mutant thieves called the Fallen Angels. After the group disbanded, Vanisher returned to a life of petty crime until he took control of a drug cartel specializing in mutant growth hormones, but he was once again defeated by the X-Men, notably Angel. After M-Day, Vanisher is hired to steal the last samples of the Legacy Virus, leading X-Force into forcing him to help them retrieve the Virus, placing a brain tumor inside him as insurance. Vanisher reluctantly becomes X-Force’s main form of transportation. When Vanisher shows signs of severe illness, it is revealed that his tumor was removed in a previous mission, and that he was actually suffering from stage-4 Syphilis. During the return of Hope Summers, Vanisher learns that X-Men teleporters are being targeted for assassination, leading him to teleport out of fear straight into an ambush and his seeming death.

His Deal: Vanisher was one of the very earliest villains that the X-Men fought. In fact, he was technically the second in turns of publication. He was member of Factor Three, and leader of the Fallen Angels. His most recent role was as a reluctant member/hostage of X-Force.

Personality: Vanisher is a career criminal with a good head for Empire building. He was introduced as leader of a crime organization confident enough to challenge the U.S., he served in the ambitious Factor Three, and he took over and sought to globalize an South American drug cartel. He also had safe houses around the world. However, despite his arrogant veneer, Vanisher is a coward at heart. At the first sign of trouble, Vanisher’s instincts are to use his powers to escape to safety. His sense of self-preservation often outweighs any amount of heroism or loyalty within him.

Fun Fact: There seems to be some inconsistency about the Vanisher’s age, as his appearance in the 1990’s looked much older than appearance during the 2000’s


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #2 (1963)

Death: Vanisher died after teleporting into an ambush, ironically while running way out of fear of being killed

Greatest Crime: Holding the U.S. government for ransom by threatening to commit treason and sell defense secrets to unfriendly nations


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