Powers: Mutant Gene Detection


What!?: He could originally find any mutant within a 25 mile radius.

Origins: Caliban was born with an abnormally appearance, and was mockingly named after the grotesque antagonist of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. When he grew older, Caliban was recruited by the mutant Callisto to find other mutant outcasts in order to form the underground society known as the Morlocks.

Years later, the Morlocks found themselves in conflicts with the X-Men after Callisto had kidnapped Angel for marriage. During a battle, Caliban found a hurt Kitty Pryde and nursed her back to health, falling in love with her in the process. In order to help the X-Men, Pryde promised to marry Caliban in exchange for his help against the Morlocks, but she did not fulfill her part of the agreement. This lead to Morlocks kidnapping her in revenge, but Caliban let her go, understanding that Kitty would be miserable underground. After the massacre of the Morlocks, Caliban became a quasi-member of the newly formed X-Factor, but suffered a humiliating defeat during a mission. Bitter at his uselessness, Caliban joined forces with Apocalypse in exchange for power. Caliban briefly escaped Apocalypse’s control, and used his new found strength to help X-Force, though his loyalty would yo-yo between the two for years. Caliban retained his powers after M-Day, and was part of Cyclop’s secret X-Force team that was tasked with recovering the newly born and missing Hope Summers. It was during this mission that Caliban died, taking a bullet for fellow teammate and X-Foce alum Warpath.

His Deal: Caliban began as the first Morlock to encounter the X-Men, and their longest lasting Morlock ally. He was more or less a honorary X-Men throughout his life. He also spend much of his time alternating between Apocalypse’s minions and X-Force. Under Apocalypse, Caliban was a mutant tracking Hellhound, the Horseman of Death, and the Horseman of Pestilence. Apocalypse also augmented Caliban’s body and mind, making him bigger, stronger, and angrier. Caliban hated all the Marauders that killed the Morlocks, particularly Sabertooth. Caliban held many member of X-Force as friends, notably Cable and Warpath. He was also friends with Kitty Pryde, despite their past history.

Personality: Caliban was introduced as a very lonely man, an outcast even among the Morlocks. He possessed a strong moral fiber that won him the respect of many X-Men. Caliban grew bitter and vengeful after the death of the Morlocks, causing him to seek power under Apocalypse. As a servant of Apocalyse, Caliban was more aggressive and bloodthirsty, seemingly devoid of his original kindness and honor. Interestingly, his time away from Apocalypse caused him to regress mentally, adopting an innocent and almost child like mentality. Caliban reverted more or less back to his original physical and mental state after the M-Day Decimation.

Fun Fact: Caliban spoke in the third person


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #148 (1981)

Death: Caliban died protecting Warpath

Greatest Crime: Helping Collect twelve mutant for Apocalypse in order to give him god-like powers


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