Powers: Molecular Manipulation


What!?: He’s a shapeshifter. He can make himself stronger, bigger, longer, sharper, or anything really.

Origins: Evan Sabahnur, or Genesis, is the clone of a recently resurrected Apocalypse who was shot by Fantomex. Feeling remorse for killing an innocent child, Fantomex created Evan and placed him in a virtual environment. Unfortunately by killing Apocalypse, Angel was reverted back into his Archangel persona to take his place. Proving too powerful, Fantomex released his Evan, who had been raised as a hero, in hopes of defeating Archangel.

After the Archangel incident, Evan was enrolled into the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. He was immediately recognized as Apocalypse except by¬†Broo, who was the only one to welcome him. Evan does his own research on Apocalypse, and vows never to become like him. Evan was later kidnapped by Wolverine’s son Daken and his new Brotherhood of Mutants in an attempt to turn him into Apocalypse. They revealed that his whole life had been a lie created by Fantomex. The Brotherhood offer Evan the Armor of Apocalypse, which he eventually puts on to save Wolverine. The suit and it’s powers almost overtake Evan, but Wolverine was able to calm Evan’s rage and return him to the school.

His Deal: Genesis is the good version of Apocalypse, the X-Men’s most powerful enemy. The X-Men continually assure Evan that he is good, though many secretly fear that he will still turn into Apocalypse. In fact, many of his fellow students refer to him as “Kid Apocalypse.”Since Evan was “found” by X-Force, his closest ¬†relationships are with many of its members. His teacher is Wolverine, he refers to Fantomex as “Uncle Custer,” he is friends with Angel, and a bond with Deadpool.

Personality: Evan was raised to be kind, brave, and heroic. His virtual upbringing taught him to protect the weak and never kill, the total antithesis of Apocalypse’s ideals. Evan usually carries himself in a polite and modest manner. Evan is well aware that everyone around him views hims as a Apocalypse, but he has resolved never to become like his villainous past self.There is still a part of him, however, that fear is own destiny. In a lot of ways, Evan misses his past life as a simple Kansas farm boy, where he was not subject to all the doubts and fears concerning his altruistic persona.

Fun Fact: Evan’s fabricated life is almost identical to Superman’s, specifically his being raised on a Kansas farm and becoming a hero.


First Appearance: Uncanny Force #7 (2011)


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