Powers: Telepathy


What!?: She is a very advanced psychic

Origins: Martha Johansson, or No-Girl, was a teenage runaway who was captured by John Sublime’s U-Men and dismembered, leaving only her brain intact. Sublime used Martha’s psychic abilities to capture the X-Men, but Cyclops and Emma Frost managed to escape capture and free Martha. As revenge for being enslaved, Martha had John Sublime jump out a skyscaper.

Martha was enrolled in the Xavier Institute’s special class, and mainly spoke through fellow student Ernst. Like many in the special class, Martha found herself part of Xorn’s rebellion, though she correctly predicted that it would fail. No-Girl moved to San Francisco, and then Utopia, along with the rest of the X-Men. There, she found herself in a secret one-on-one psychic dual with Quentin Quire, preventing him from taking over Utopia. Matha also has a brief infatuation with a vampire named Damen. Martha finds heartbreak again in Zero, one of Hope’s followers who gives Martha a body in order to access her psychic powers. In order to save Hope Summers and Utopia, Martha destroyed Zero. After the X-Men schism, Martha enrolled in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Her Deal: No-Girl is a brain in a jar. After joining the Xavier Institute, she mainly communicated through her friend Ernst, and is often held like a balloon. She is a very powerful mutant, but her physical state often leads her to be forgotten. For example, she was left in the destroyed ruins of Beast’s laboratory for months before beings sent to San Francisco. Not much is known about No-Girl’s past, as even her original body is yet to be shown.

Personality: Despite being in a very fragile state, Martha has proven herself to be very brave. She has tangled with psychics, super powered mutants, and vampires. In fact, she has considered superheroics as a possible career path. She has also shown herself to be very patient, most likely due to her time as a disembodied brain. She does miss having a real body and ability to verbally communicate, but won’t let this desire compromise her morals. However, she is not above killing someone, especially in revenge.

Fun Fact: No-Girl appointed herself as Quentin Quire’s archenemy, despite the fact that Quire built the special hovering case that protects her brain.


First Appearance: New X-Men #118 (2001)


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