Powers: Organic Manipulation


What!?: He can change his own body into anything, producing things like tentacles and drones

Origins: Kenji Uedo, or Zero, was a successful Tokyo artist until his unstable powers manifested, causing him to go on a destructive rampage. The X-Men and Hope Summers attempted to subdue him, but he proved to be too powerful. He would have been destroyed by the X-Men if not for Hope Summers and her team of new mutants, who worked together to subdue Kenji. Taken to Utopia, Kenji is shown footage of his actions and joins the X-Men and Hope Summers as the fifth “Light” out of remorse.

Kenji helped in saving a young mutant baby in Berlin by using his powers to allow the team to communicate with it. After the mission, Kenji began to recognize that Hope has changed them all, but perhaps not for the better. After the X-men divided between Cyclops and Wolverine, Kenji invited No-Girl to join the team, becoming somewhat infatuated with her. When No-Girls body is destroyed during a mission in Pakistan, Kenji creates her a new body using his own organic material. Kenji finally reaches his breaking point when Hope forcefully manipulates his powers in a fit of anger. In revenge, Kenji reveals that he implanted many Utopia residents with organic probes, allowing him to manipulate them into hating Hope. However, he was unable to control No-Girl, whose powers he was also borrowing. Angered at his betrayal, No-Girl destroys Kenji.

His Deal: Zero was the “Fifth Light,” or fifth new mutant found after the return of Hope Summers. He proved to be the most deceitful and rebellious member of Hope’s team, eventually becoming their antagonist. His powers where very flexible, allowing him to shape-shift, clone himself, regenerate, and telepathically link anyone through his body. He had a relationship with No-Girl, though this appears to have been for nefarious purposes.

Personality: Before becoming a mutant, Kenji was a tempermental artist. He admitted to having murder fantasies, which his new found powers allowed him to facilitate. After gaining better control over his powers, Kenji was revealed to be a sociopath, who was able to fool the X-Men into trusting him. He was an expert manipulator and patient strategist, viewing his ultimate plan as his “masterpiece.” His initial resentment of Hope Summers soon grew into obsession, and he often lost his composure in his hatred of her. Kenji threw all his energies into proving that she was no “mutant messiah.” Kenji had a somewhat nihilistic personality, viewing all humanity and mutants as essentially pointless, and reveled in their destruction.

Fun Fact: Kenji is loosely based on Tetsuo Shima from Akira.


First Appearance: Generation Hope #1 (2011)

Death: Kenji died at the hand of No-Girl after betraying her.

Greatest Crime: Controlling almost half the X-men in order to torture Hope Summers.


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