Powers: Supersonic Flight


What!?: He body is designed specifically for flight, giving her blue skin and shape shifting abilities

Origins: Laurie Tromette, or Transonic, was one of the five new mutants to appear after the return of Hope Summers. Her powers painfully manifested in first year of college, to the point of agony. Desperate to stop the her suffering, Laurie attempted to kill herself by jumping off a roof, but was caught by Hope Summers. Hope was able to instantly stabilize her Laurie’s powers, finalizing her transformation and granting her the ability to fly. Grateful, Laurie decided to follow Hope in her search for the other new mutants.

Laurie helps in collecting the remaining mutants, and moves to Utopia. Laurie grows increasingly distrustful of Hope, becoming less and less confidant with her decisions. Fellow teammate Zero raises the possibility that Hope may have done something to bond them with her, a possibility Laurie considers. Laurie reaches her breaking point when the youngest member of Hope’s team, Idie, is forced to kill attacking Hellfire Club soldiers. Hope and Laurie argue over Laurie’s role in the attack, to which Laurie states that she is not a solider, nor wishes to be one. Angered, Laurie holds Hope at gunpoint in order to get her to let Idie leave the team, leading to a heart-to-heart conversation and better understanding between the two.

Her Deal: Transonic was the first “Light,” or first new mutant to meet and follow Hope Summers. She was the oldest member of Hope’s team, as well as the least trustful. She often doubted Hope’s decisions, though followed them nonetheless. Transonic had an alliance of sorts with Zero, another member of her team that seemingly doubted Hope.

Personality: Before her mutation, Laurie was a bright and normal young college student. Out of all of Hope’s team, Laurie was the most normal in terms of personality. When Hope Summers stabilized her powers, Laurie seemed to have gained a modicum of peace, forgoing all her previous worries in favor of following Hope. As she spend more time with Hope, however, Laurie began to regain some of her doubts and anxieties. She was not wholeheartedly supportive of Hope’s headstrong leadership style and tendency to follow her own rules. She began to view Hope as too militant and controlling, and began to wonder if she herself was being manipulated into following Hope. Laurie went so far as threatening to shoot Hope, but the two were able to reconcile.

Fun Fact: Transonic is an American-Canadian Dual Citizen


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #526 (2010)


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