Powers: Hyperinsticts


What!?: Adaptability and animalistic abilities

Origins: Teon Macik, or Primal, is Ukrainian mutant and one of the five new mutants, or “Lights,” that appeared after the return of Hope Summers. Hope tracks Teon half across the world, finally finding him and stabilizing his powers. This, however, also imprinted Hope on Teon, making her his “master.”

Back on Utopia, Teon got into the habit of sparring with Wolverine, who he viewed as the “Alpha” mutant. Teon proved instrumental in subduing a very powerful psychic baby by convincing him to embrace life and allow himself to be born. Immediately after the mission, Teon’s parents sued the X-Men over his custody. Teon’s ability of instinctually adapt to a situation allows him to eloquently explain to his parents that he is happier with the X-Men.

His Deal: Primal was the “Fourth Light,” or fourth new mutant to join Hope Summers. He was more or less depicted as Hope’s pet, though he would sometimes act as her closest confidant. It was originally thought that Primal has low intelligence, but it was soon discovered that his intelligence fluctuates depending on the situation.

Personality: Primal has mostly had an animalistic personality, not unlike a large dog. He is very protective of Hope, viewing her as his “Master.” His instinct based powers make him view the world in basic terms. He is, however, able to understand complex ideas and situations, but only chooses to use this understanding should the situation arise. For example, put food in front of him and he will eat. Put him next to sadness, and he will comfort. Put him in a court room, and he will argue.

Fun Fact: Teon mostly communicates in a few words, notable “Flight,” “Fight,” and “Mate”


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #529 (2010)


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