Powers: Localized Time Manipulation


What!?: He slows time around him, making him appear to have super speed

Origin: Gabriel Cohuelo, or Velocidad, is the second new mutant to appear after the return of Hope Summers. His new powers manifested while at home in Mexico City, Mexico, causing him to move at a speed naked to the human eye. The X-Men Psylocke, Cecilia Reyes, and Hope Summers were able to stabilize his powers. Thankful for their assistance, Gabriel agrees to join Hope in her search for the remaining new mutants, now known as “The Lights.”

Gabriel eventually becomes key in subduing the last mutant in Tokyo, and even saves Hope’s life. A romantic bond starts to develop between Hope and Gabriel, somewhat sealed with a “thank you for saving my life” kiss. While at Utopia with the other members of Hope’s team, Gabriel learns that his powers are actually time-based, aging him every time he uses them. Deciding to live the remainder of the life to the fullest, Gabriel flirts and kisses Pixie. He is caught in the act by Hope, earning disdain from both girls.

His Deal: Velocidad was the “Second Light,” or one of the five new mutants to appear after M-Day and the return of Hope Summers. He belonged to Hope’s mutant team, and was more loyal to her than the X-men at large. He was seemingly Hope’s love interest, until he was caught “cheating” on her with Pixie.

Personality: Like many other speedsters, Gabriel was impulsive, extroverted, and arrogant. He was exited about his new life as a mutant, and eager to start a life as a superhero. He was one of Hope Summer’s most ardent supporters. His outlook on life changed, however, when he discovered that his powers where aging him to death. He decided to live in the moment, which comprised his loyalty to Hope.

Fun Fact: As revenge for cheating on her, Hope had fellow teammate Teon deficate on Gabriel’s bed.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #527 (2010)


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