Powers: Temperature Manipulation


What!?: She can shoot fire and ice

Origins: Idie Okonkwo, or Oya, was a young girl born in a small village in Nigeria when her powers first manifested. Unable to fully control her powers, Idie accidentally burnt down her village, leading the locals to consider her a witch and kill her family. Though too late to save Idie’s family, Storm and Hope Summers were able to stabilize Idie’s powers in time to prevent a paramilitary group from killing her.

Idie discovers that she is a “Light,” or the third new mutant after M-Day and the return of Hope Summers. Idie is taken in by the X-Men, but the trauma she experienced and her reaction to it disturbed Wolverine. He decides to spend time with Idie and convince her that she is not a monster. Idie attends the opening of the Mutant History Museum, which is attacked by the Hellfire Club. Despite Wolverine’s protests, Cyclops orders Idie to do what she must against the attackers, leading her to kill them with little remorse. This leads to a rift between Wolverine and Cyclops that eventually culminates in over half the X-Men leaving to open a new school on the East Coast. Idie  is enrolled in the new Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and develops a friendship with fellow student Broo. The new Hellfire Club attempt to trick Idie into joining the Hellfire Academy by using a robotic priest, but she only joins after her friend Broo is shot for destroying the priest. Knowing that someone in the Hellfire Academy had a hand in it, Idie joins the the new school and becomes instrumental in destroying it.

Her Deal: Idie was originally “The Third Light,” or third new mutant found after M-Day. She was a key figure in X-Men: Schism, symbolizing Wolverine’s desire to protect young mutants’ innocence. She inspired Wolverine to create the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She later became a strategic recruit for the new Hellfire Academy, though she would later prove to be their undoing. She has a close relationship with Hope Summers and Broo. She is also romantically linked with Quentin Quire.

Personality: Idie was mentally traumatized when her new powers destroyed her village and got her family killed. Being labeled a “witch,” Idie took the title to heart, considering herself a monster in the face of God, not unlike fellow mutant Wolfsbane. This caused her to act emotionless and passive. She more or less resigned herself to her own damnation until the events of the Hellfire Academy, when she realized that she would like to fall in love. That she does not want to be the heartless monster she thinks she is.

Fun Fact: Wolverine gave Idie Nightcrawler’s personal bible.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #528 (2010)


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