Kid Omega

Powers: Telepathy and Telekenisis


What!?: He can read, move, and create things with his mind.

Origins: Quintine Quire, or Kid Omega, was once the Xavier Institutes prize pupil, though not the most popular. On his birthday, Quire learned that he was adopted, sparking a rebellious streak inside the young mutant. He was inspired by the murder of a local mutant artist, Jumbo Carnation, to become more pro-mutant and anti-human. Quire formed a gang with like-minded students and started taking the mutant drug “Kick.” High on the drug, the group attacked, and possibly killed, a group of humans, and then set their sights on the U-Men. Victorious, the “Omega Gang” neutralized Professor Xavier and started a riot at the Xavier Institute on the school’s “Open Day.” The Omega Gang was defeated by the X-Men, and Quire himself was finally subdued by Sophie Stepford, Quire’s secret crush, though the effort killed her.

Defeated, Quire transformed into pure psionic energy due to overdosing on Kick. He remained in Beast’s Lab until the Phoenix returned to Earth, mistaking him for Jean Grey. He momentarily regained his body and attempted to use the Phoenix to revive Sophie, though this accomplished nothing, as Sophie was still disgusted with him. Quire eventually returned thanks to Kade Kilgore, new leader of the Hellfire Club, who trusted Quire to do something to stir anti-mutant sentiment. Quire did just that, choosing to use his new found freedom to attack a U.N. summit on Mutants. He was defeated by Cyclops and Wolverine, and was taken in by Wolverine after the X-Men split up in hopes of reforming him. Quire became a student/prisoner of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, later being instrumental in defeating the Hellfire Academy.

His Deal: Quire was the central antagonist in the much loved “Riot at Xavier’s” story arc. The discovery that he was adopted, coupled with his low social ranking, led him down a path of identity issues, violence, and drug abuse. He was also a key pawn of the new Hellfire Club to break-up the X-Men during “Schism.” He most likely would have become a supervillain had Wolverine not chosen to personally mentor him. He is an Omega-Level mutant.. At Xavier’s, his only friend was Herman Glob, and he had an unrequited love for Sophie Cuckoo. Since he is responsible for her death, he is enemies with the Stepford Cuckoos. At Jean Grey’s, he has a girlfriend in Idie Okonkwo.

Personality: Quntine Quire was basically a good kid, and a brilliant student, before he became disillusioned by the news that he was adopted. His world shattered, Quire reevaluated his whole existence through a much more cynical lens. He became more rebellious and anti-authoritarian, rejecting humanity in favor of his mutant identity. Though he would later come to regret his actions, Quire still maintained his snarky attitude, viewing himself one-part anarchist, one-part rock star. However, perhaps because of actual personal growth, or mear exposure, Quire seems to have become closer to his fellow Jean Grey student and those of Xavier’s.

Fun Fact:  Quire is a possible future vessel of the Phoenix Force


First Appearance: New Mutants #134 (2003)

Death: Quire seemingly died after his body turned into pure energy and disappeared


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