Kid Gladiator

Powers: Strontian


What!?: Super Strength, Speed, Invulnerability, ect. All based on his confidence levels.

Origins: Kubark, or Kid Gladiator, is the son of Emperor Gladiator of the Shi’ar Empire. He was exiled to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning on Earth for the destruction of the Shi’ar royal city. Kubark initially disliked having to live with “primitives,” but grew to like the school after the attack from the Hellfire Club. His powers were later absorbed by Rouge in order to fight the villain Exodus. When Kitty Pryde was infected by the Brood, Kubark secretly shrunk himself down and fought the microscopic Brood within her body. He was eventually overtaken by the Brood and forced to fight the X-men, though he would later claim to have enjoyed the experience. Kubark taken back home by his father after the Phoenix arrived on Earth.

His Deal: Kubark is the son of Gladiator, long time ally/enemy of the X-Men. He is the prince of the Shi’ar Empire, though the Empire itself is currently at its weakest state. He is a Strotian, an incredibly powerful but nearly extinct race. His body guard is Warbird.

Personality: Kurbark has a superiority complex, which actually boosts his natural born abilities. His royal title has made him arrogant and pompous, viewing himself as above most everyone. Like other citizens in the Shi’ar Empire, he possesses a warrior’s attitude about most things, enjoying violence and valuing strength above all else.

Fun Fact: Kid Gladiator has a 50/50 chance of being an Avenger, or fighting them


First Appearance: Wolverine and the X-Men #1 (2011)


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