Powers: Brood Physiology and Empathy


What!?: Technically, his real mutation is having feelings. He’s also a deadly insect-like alien.

Origins: Broo is a mutant Brood, and one of the handful of his species to understand compassion. He was born in Pandora’s Box, a research station studying how to remove the deadly alien Brood larva from it’s host. The Brood Queen that had been at the station, however, escaped and took over. At this point, the X-Men went in to rescue Abigail Brand, leader of S.W.O.R.D., ally to the X-Men, and the Beast’s girlfriend. The group discovered that the Brood were nearly extinct, and could be reprogrammed into gentler creatures through Broo, who could serve as a template to rewrite the Brood hive-mind.

After this, Broo was enrolled in the new Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. He quickly became one of the school’s best students, and developed a crush on fellow student Idie, even taking her to the dance. After the dance, Broo was shot by Kade Kilgore of the Hellfire Club after attacking a robot-priest that had been trying to trick Idie into leaving the school. Beast┬ámanage to save his life thank to cranial surgery, but Broo was left with brain damage that left him in a feral state. Broo was later kidnapped by the Hellfire Academy. He was soon reunited with the X-Men, seemingly back to normal, after their attack on the Academy.

His Deal: Broo is considered to the the first mutant Brood. His ability to feel empathy makes him one of the most unique members of his species throughout the galaxy. He is possibly the smartest student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. His closest friend is Idie Okonkwo.

Personality: Broo has a rather bookish personality. He is very intelligent and tends to speak in a formal manner. He has a sincere enthusiasm for learning and science. He is quite a-typical for a Brood, who are considered one of the most savage and bloodthirsty races in the galaxy. Broo is not totally devoid viciousness, and will go into a feral state if extremely angered. However, he tends to not remember these violent lapses. If not for his deadly heritage, Broo would be considered one of the most harmless students in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Fun Fact: Broo is a big fan of the Nova Corp


First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men #40 (2011)


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