Powers: Retractable Exoskeleton


What!?: Armor

Origins: Paras Gavaskar, or Indra, is a Indian mutant who part of Northstar’s student squad. After M-Day, it was deduced that he was the youngest mutant attending the Xavier Institute. Paras moves to San Francisco along with the rest of the X-Men, and was forced to defend himself during an anti-mutant protest. The incident troubled him, as he believed his actions violated the non-violent tenent of Jainism. Rouge, however, managed to quell his inner turmoil. Soon after this, Rouge takes Paras and a few students to visit his family in India, where he discovers that his brother has fallen into a coma, and that the duty of an arranged marriage has been transferred to him. ┬áHe and the rest of his guest are attacked by the Children of the Vault, who attempted to kidnap a new mutant called Luisa, who is actually revealed to be a non-mutant Luz. After the incident is resolved Paras abandoned the his family and religious upbringing, deciding that they would not be enough to combat evil.

His Deal: Idra was initially a non-violent mutant. He was also the youngest mutant under the X-Men’s protection after M-Day. He originally has reservations about using his powers, but he eventually learned to control them almost fully through help from Rouge.

Personalty: Idra started out as a religious pacifist. He believed in non-violence so much, that he viewed any form of conflict, including self defense, as near-blasphemy. A part of him, however, always believed in the use of beneficial force, as his powers usually manifested as suits of armor. Though Indra seemingly embraced the use of violence after his short ruining with his family, he has since reverted back into a student rather than field member.

Fun Fact: The name Indra refers to the Hindu god of war


First Appearance: New Mutants #7 (2005)


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