Powers: Crystalline Humanoid


What!?: Her entire body is a diamond, and she can sometimes shoot them from her body

Origins: Roxanne Washington, or Bling!, is the child of hip-hop artists “Daddy Libido” Washington and “Sexy Mutha” Depres. Being raised in the Entertainment Industry and constantly targeted for kidnappings, Roxanne rejected that lifestyle and enrolled herself in the Xavier Institute.

Roxanne got into an notable altercation with Foxx, a new student who made overt advances on their instructor, Gambit. Foxx was later revealed to the Mystique in disguise. Roxanne retailed her powers after M-Day, and was even recommended for the recently formed “New X-Men” team, but she declined the offer. Roxanne, along with most of the Xavier Students, end up in San Francisco, then Utopia. Roxanne is then kidnapped by Emplate, a vampiric mutant who feeds on mutant bone marrow. She is rescued by Rouge.

Her Deal: Bling! is one of the few celebrity members of the X-Men organization, as well as one of the few that are Bisexual. She has never joined an official mutant field team, choosing instead to act as support. She is notable friends with Onyxx, a fellow student squadmate.

Personality: Bling! is well known for her level headed and rational mindset. This was established early one, when she rejected her inherited celebrity status in favor of bettering her self at the Xavier Institute. She has also rejected a life as a full fledged X-Men, noting the constant dangers associated with the team. She is, however, an excellent student and has proven herself in battle situations multiple times. At the end of the day, though, Bling! would prefer a peaceful life.

Fun Fact: Bling! has a crush on Rouge


First Appearance: X-Men #171 (2005)


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