Powers: Matter Distortion


What!?: She can “swim” through things and make them crumble

Origin: Alani Ryan is a Hawaiian mutant whose powers first manifested while surfing with her father. The two where attacked by a villain called Great White, who tried to use sharks to harm her father. Alani tried to protect her father by jumping at the shark, causing it’s atoms to distort. Great White was subsequently defeated by Namor the Submariner, who was revealed to be a friend of Alani’s grandmother. Alani was sent to the Xavier Institute with a new found interest in Atlantean culture.

Despite Alani retaining her powers after M-Day, she was never officially sent on a field mission. Her first taste of action came during the Battle of Limbo, which forcefully sucked many Xavier Students into Limbo. Alani later moved to San Francisco, and the Utopia, along with the rest of the X-Men. During the witch’s Selene attack on Utopia, Alani and the mercenary Deadpool helped one another survive. Afterwards, Alani met Namor again, and was given an amulet to allow her to breath underwater. However, the amulet did so by changing her physiology, so much so that Alani would became incapable of breathing air. Alani was eventually cured thanks to the use of magic. Alani was one of the many students to be taking into custody during the battle between the X-Men and Avengers. Unlike her fellow mutants, however, Alani decided to stay at the Avenger’s Academy.

Her Deal: Alani is a mutant with close ties to Atlantis and Namor the Submariner. She never joined an X-Men field team. She and X-23 are the only former Xavier Students to join the Avenger’s Academy. She dated Elixir for a short time. She was friends with Anole and Rockslide.

Personality: Alani was wary of using her powers due to their destructive nature. Nevertheless, she is adept at using them during a crisis situation, and is almost predisposed to bravery. She has a natural confidence that allows her to speak her mind when needed. This has impressed many more than once. Interestingly, Alani seems to be drawn to depressed or sad individuals, notably Elixir, whom she decided to cheer up by making-out with him.

Fun Fact: Alani’s tattoos are a side-effect of her powers


First Appearance: New Mutants #11 (2004)


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