Powers: Complete Stealth


What!?: Physical and Psychic Invisibility, Phasing, and Inaudibility

Origin: Alisa Tager, or Cipher, was discovered in New York’s “Mutant Town” by Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Xorn. Alisa asked that her identity be kept secret, and served as a secret spy for the Xavier Institute. She only revealed herself to two people, Blindfold and Graymalking. Alisa and Gramalking both kept tabs on the newly formed “Young X-Man” team. Together, they discovered that the team was formed by a disguised Donald Pierce and helped the other Young X-Men defeat him. Alisa is forced to reveal herself to Ink in order to get him to help the Young X-Men during their battle with the superpowered Y-Men. Her reveal caused some controversy among the Young X-Men, but she was allowed to join the team. She eventually made her way to the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning.

Her Deal: Cipher was a retcon character. Her history was woven into previous X-Men stories, stating that she had been around since the early days of the Xavier Institute. She served as a secret agent for Cyclops, sharing a somewhat similar status with Sage. Her existence made the other X-Men angry over their lack of privacy. Cipher is close to Blindfold, the only person she would speak to. She is also allies with Graymalking, being the first person he met in over 200 years.

Personality: Cipher is smart and careful, as she was able to keep her existence a secret for quiet a long time. She is a natural spy, with the intuition to know when the give out, and when to withhold, valuable information. She is somewhat lonely, even going so far as to reveal her identity to Blindfold. However, even this was a calculated risk, as Blidfold’s powers most likely made her aware of Cipher already. Her ultimate “outing” to save the Young X-Men showed that she was willing to sacrifice her own safety to save her fellow students.

Fun Fact: Cipher is hiding from a “he,” but “his” identity has never been revealed.


First Appearance: Young X-Men #8 (2008)


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