Wolf Cub

Powers: Permanent Lupine Form


What!?: Werewolf

Origin: Nicholas Gleason, or Wolf Cub, was rescued by Cyclops and Chamber from anti-mutant assassins shortly after his parents died. He was enrolled in the Xavier Institute, but ran away out of fear that he could not control his feral powers. He was discovered by the werewolf pack “Dominant Species,” whom he refused to join. Wolf Cub retained his powers after M-Day, and was one of the student to participate in the battle of Limbo. He is recruited into the Young X-Men team by “Cyclops” and is disturbed by his own willingness to follow orders and attack the New Mutants. The Young X-Men and New Mutants turn on “Cyclops” when he is revealed to be Donald Pierce in disguise. Wolf Cub dies in the confrontation, and uses his last moments to argued against killing Pierce, stating that “X-Men don’t kill.”

His Deal: Wolf Cub has animal like abilities, and like Wolverine and Wolfsbane, he had difficulty in fully controlling them. He was a founding member of the Young X-Men, and the only member to die.

Personality: Despite the nature of his powers, Wolf Cub was a well tempered individual, with a slight aura of meekness. What his powers did do, however, was give him a greater disposition towards bloodshed and conflict. This aspect of himself really bothered Wolf Cub, so much so that he even considered himself a danger to others. Ultimately, Wolf Cub resolved his inner conflict before dying, urging his fellow teammates to embrace their desire to be heroes rather than their lust for revenge.

Fun Fact: Wolf Cub was voted most likely to cry during movies


Fist Appearance: Chamber #1 (2002)

Death: Wolf Cub died during a battle with Donald Pierce


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