Powers: Power Symbols


What!?: He’s powered by tattoos

Origins: Eric Gitter, or Ink, was a young man who discovered he had special abilities every time he got a new tattoo. He was hired by “Cyclops” to join the Young X-Men team and remove Blindfold and Danielle Moonstar. Eric fights along side the Young X-Men when it’s revealed that Cyclops is in fact a disguised Donald Pierce. 

It is later revealed that Eric is not a mutant. He powers were actually given to him by his tattoo artist. The artist had been using Eric to gauge the full extent of his own powers. This revelation caused Eric to leave the team. He was only brought back when fellow teammate Cipher told him that the team was in trouble. Eric forced his tattoo artist to give him two final additions, a healing caduceus and a phoenix. Eric’s phoenix tattoo allowed him to tap into the powers of the Phoenix Force. When Dust was found dead after turning to glass, Eric used the Phoenix tattoo to revive her, leaving him comatose. 

His Deal: Ink was the brash member of the Young X-Men. He was also proven to be a traitor, though he redeemed himself after saving Dust. He’s notable for being a non-mutant who was essentially used to as an experiment for another mutant’s abilities. He was somewhat close to Graymalking.

Personality: As stated above, Ink was a brash and rebellious young man. He would actively fight against authority figures, even mouthing off to police officers. He was also not above crimes such as theft and kidnapping, but drew the line at murder. Ink began to have a change of heart during his time with the Young X-Men. His final sacrifice for the life of Dust proved that he had learned to transcend his own selfishness for the sake of others.

Fun Fact: Ink’s tattoo powers were Flight, Toxins, Super Strength, Telepathy, Explosives, Healing, and the Phoenix Force


First Appearance: Young X-Men #1 (2008)

Greatest Crime: Working alongside Donald Pierce and bringing him Blindfold and Moonstar


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