Powers: Strength in Direct Relation to Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation


What!!?: He’s get stronger in the dark

Origins: Jonas Graymalking, or simply Graymalking, was born in the late 18th Century. He was beaten unconscious by his father after being discovered sexually experimenting with another boy. He was buried alive, but his newly manifested mutant abilities put him in a state of suspended animation. Jonas awakens nearly 200 years later due to the destruction of the Xavier Institute, which had been built on his family’s land.

Jonas is greeted by Cipher, a former Xavier Student, and is taken to spy on the newly formed “Young X-Men.” The duo discover that the team’s leader is not Cyclops, but the villainous Donald Pierce. After exposing himself in the battle against Donald Pierce, Graymalking joins the Young X-Men team. He stays with the X-Men after the team disbands in order to adjust to modern life.

His Deal: Graymalking has the most history with the relatively short lived Young X-Men team. Chronologically, he is one of the oldest mutants alive, but physically he is still a teenager. His closest friendships are with Anole, Cipher, and Ink.

Personality: Graymalking is a reserved young man. He is distrustful of adults, due to his experience with his father. He adjusted relatively quickly to the modern world, but is wary about his status as a homosexual. The stigmatization of his time still lingers in Graymalking, making him fear the judgement of others. He does, however, feel sympathy for others who feel ostracized.

Fun Fact: Graymalking is a distant ancestor of Charles Xavier


First Appearance: Young X-Men #3 (2008)


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