Powers: Omnicognitive


What!?: She can see the present, future, and past (and possibly everything in between).

Origins: Ruth Aldine, or Blindfold, was born with no eyeballs in North Carolina. She had an abusive older brother, Luca, who hated her for being a mutant. In a fit of rage, her brother tried to kill her, but ended up killing their mother instead. Ruth was sent to live with her aunt, where she learned to control her powers. When Luca was scheduled for execution, Ruth attended and was attacked by her brother’s spirit, resulting in a broken mind. It was at this point that Ruth’s aunt sent her to the Xavier Institute.

Ruth’s powers and mental state made her an oddball even in a school full of mutants. Ruth managed to retain her abilities after M-Day and had a vision of a “Young X-Men” team. When Ruth told Rockslide of this, he insisted she join the team when he was recruited. The team was disbanded after it proved to be a fake, and the members were sent to San Francisco. When the witch Selene was building her army of resurrected mutants, the precognitive Destiny was the first to rise. Destiny warned Blindfold of Selene’s plans, who in turn warned the X-Men. Blindfold when the Muir Island with the X-Men, and was momentarily possessed by the god-like mutant Proteus. After Selene was defeated, Blindfold anticipated yet another threat, this time involving the very fabric of reality. Legion, the son of Xavier, accidentally created an alternate reality called “Age of X.” Blindfold was imprisoned due to being unaffected by the change. When that incident was resolved, Ruth relocated to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and began a relationship with Legion.

Her Deal: Blindfold, for all intents and purposes, started out as a walking foreshadow. She was used to hint and tease at future story events. She predicted the Battle of Breakworld, the Battle of Limbo, the Young X-Men, and Age of X. She was a background character until the Young X-Men team, where her character was explored. She is related to Destiny, Rouge’s adoptive mother and Mystique’s lover. She seems close to Rockslide and Cipher, and most recently Legion.

Personality: Blindfold is known for her unique speech pattern, often inserting the words “yes,” “please,” “thank you,” “pardon,” “you’re welcome,” and “no,” in between sentences. This was later revealed to be a side effect of her brother’s attack on her mind. Even so, Blindfold also has the tendency of turning a conversation into a monologue, as her abilities allow her to know what the other person will say beforehand. Blindfold’s abilities and speech patterns isolated her from many of her fellow students, making her feel very lonely. She has, however, developed a few close relationships among the X-Men.

Fun Fact: Since Blindfold power are stunted, she may be in fact be omniscient


First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men #7 (2005)


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