Powers: Psychomimecry


What!?: He knows anything and everything that people around him knows

Origin: David Alleyne first discovered his mutant ability while taking an exam. Feeling that he cheated and aware that the knowledge he absorbed was temporary, David strove to study harder. Sadly, David is outed and attacked by the anti-mutant group Purity, but was saved by his school librarian, Karma. David joins the Xavier Institute and becomes a co-leader of the New Mutant student squad.

David soon learns that he can remove the mental blocks that prevent him from retaining the knowledge he absorbs permanently. However, Danielle Moonstar and Emma Frost put him under a psychic illusion depicting a horrible future that was in fact a reflection of David’s own worst fears. David opts not to unlock his full potential, and begins to distance himself from Surge, whose death was depicted in David’s vision. Surge eventually learns about his vision and begins to date David, confident that the vision will never come to pass. David loses his powers after M-Day, but remains at the school due to the Purifier’s attack on depowered mutants. Due to his ingenuity and experience, David is invited to co-lead the “New X-Men” team. David is among the many Xavier students to be sucked into the demonic realm of Limbo, and almost dies in the process. This scares his girlfriend Surge into attempting to drive him out of the school for his own protection. Resenting this, David has the Stepford Cuckoos removes his mental blocks, which grants him access to all the knowledge he had absorbed before M-Day. David stay with the X-Men until the Avengers vs. X-Men incident.

His Deal: Prodigy was the co-leader of the New Mutant student squad and New X-Men. His ability to absorb knowledge made potentially one of the most powerful mutants in the world. His experience and knowledge made him an effective support member for the X-Men. He is also notable for A) Losing his powers after M-Day, B) Not dying after being depowered, C) staying with the X-Men after M-Day, and D) Not eventually regaining his powers. His most notable relationship was with Surge.

Personality: Prodigy was always an intelligent young man who was able to view things rationally. He continued to do his work in school even after gaining his mutant ability, understanding that his acquired knowledge is only temporary. He also joined the Xavier Institute because they would be able to protect him and his family from further attack. This trait made Prodigy an effective leader, being appointed to lead two mutant training squads. David is capable of feeling very resentful, often leading him to distance himself from the object of his disdain. He broke up with Surge for his very reason. He has also left the X-Men as well, feeling that they only use young mutants to further their own goals. 

Fun Fact: David once had horrible eyesight, but this was corrected by Elixir 


First Appearance: New Mutants #4 (2003)




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