Powers: Manipulating Muscle Mass


What!?: He can make himself stronger and heavier

Origin: Nezhno Abidemi, or Gentle, is a Wakandan mutant who retained his powers after M-Day. He was not allowed to join the New Mutants due to his dangerous mutant ability, which can kill him if overused. He did, however, participate in the battle of Limbo alongside his fellow students, even protecting Pixie by defeating the demon N’astirth. He was later forced to use his abilities to once again to protect his fellow students during a Sentinel attack and Predator X attack. After the X-Men disband, Gentle returns to Wakanda, only to find that his half-blood status (Half-Wakandan/Half-Russian) makes him more of a social outcast than being a mutant. Gentle is eventually seen in San Francisco with the X-Men.

His Deal: Gentle was originally in Storm’s unseen student squad. He has a full body tattoo made of the metal “vibranium” to ease the pain his mutation causes him. It is theorized that if Gentle uses his powers too much, the strain will kill him. Gentle is notable for being from the country of Wakanda, a fictional country ruled by the Avenger Black Panther, who was once married to Storm.

Personality: Gentle is a pacifist who actively avoids violent situations or thoughts. He is calm and generally tries to keep to himself. Part of his personality may stem from the nature of his powers. Since using his powers may kill him, Gentle most likely adopted a peaceful lifestyle to ensure his survival. He sometimes came off as unfriendly to his fellow students. His time in Wakanda, however, made Gentle realize how important his time at Xaviers was. Gentle is also very brave and has consistently used his life threatening powers to protect those around him.

Fun Fact: Gentle was the only Xavier student at Storm and Black Panther’s wedding


First Appearance: New X-Men #23 (2006)


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