Powers: Reptilian Humanoid


What!?: Reptile powers, including a super tongue, camouflage, and regenerative limbs

Origins: Victor Borkowski, or Anole, was born in a close-knit town in Illinois. When anti-mutant sentiment began to grow, his parents sent him to the Xavier Institute for his own safety. Anole does well at the school and was particularly close with Northstar, viewing him as a confidant and role model.

Anole makes a name for himself after M-Day, when the remaining Xavier Students are sucked into the demonic realm of Limbo. His presence and quick thinking was a key factor in escaping. Anole is made a member of the New X-Men for his exploits at Rockslide’s request. Anole stays with the X-Men until their disbanding, but showed signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after the fact. He is later personally recruited by Danielle Moonstar to the “Young X-Men” team based in San Francisco. He eventually finds himself in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

His Deal: Anole originally started off as a background character, but he soon developed a fan following. Anole is notable for being one of the earlier young gay characters in Marvel. He may also be one of the few characters with PTSD, as his time with the X-Men left him mentally strained. He once looked up to Northstar, bit their relationship was strained due to Anole’s resentment of the X-Men. Anole’s best friend is Rockslide.

Personality: Anole is basically a good and level headed young man. He is fully accepting of his mutation and his sexuality, and is generally good in a crisis. His only real issue is with the X-Men. He feels that his life under their care was full of danger, poor education, and general neglect. As stated above, he has shown signs of PTSD. He has become of the mind that people his age should not be put in constant danger.

Fun Fact: Anole was accidentally outed by Rockslide, though most students already knew he was gay


First Appearance: New Mutants #2 (2003)


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