Powers: Absorbs and Discharges Electricity


What!?: Lightning girl

Origin: Noriko Ashida, or Surge, is a Japanese mutant how ran away from home due to her father’s bigotry. She made it all the way to the Xavier Institute, living homeless on the streets. She was turned away from Xavier’s by Hellion due to her ragged appearance. When Noriko accidentally injured a bystander, a group of Xavier students searched for her. She was found buying drugs, which had been helping her control her mutant abilities. She was brought to the Institute and fitted with specially designed gloves that helped regulate her powers. 

Noriko became a student at the school and initially roomed with Dust, though their relationship proved tense due to their differing views on women role’s and attitudes in society. Noriko also started a relationship with fellow student David Alleyne. Noriko managed to retain her powers after M-Day, and was chosen to lead the “New X-Men” training squad. When William Stryker’s Nimrod robot attacked the school, it was Noriko that managed to stop him. Noriko later leads the Xavier students in their fight in Limbo, though the battle leaves her shaken. Learning that the now depowered Davide Alleyne was tortured in Limbo, Surge attempts to drive him out of Xavier’s by kissing Hellion in front of him. This backfires, as it inspired David Alleyene to regain his lost abilities, thanks in part to the Stepford Cuckoos, and end their relationship himself. When Hope Summers is born, Surge leads an attack on Stryker’s Purifiers, partly out of revenge. After the X-Men briefly disband, Danielle Moonstar manages to help Noriko deal with the mental anguish of being a mutant. Noriko eventually finds herself in San Francisco with the rest of the X-Men. 

Her Deal: Surge went from being a runaway mutant to the leader of the future X-Men in training. Despite her difficulty in dealing with others, Noriko developed a strong relationship with David Alleyne. She also has a few notable similarities to Cyclops. Both where homeless at a young age, have uncontrollable powers, must wear specially designed equipment, and lead a team of young mutants.  

Personality: Surge is a highly opinionated and strong willed young woman. She prefers to do things her own way, and will not hesitate to give others her opinions on a situation. In many ways, her confidence in herself and her decisions made her an obvious candidate for leadership. Her survival skills were proven early on when she managed to get from Japan to New York by herself, and find an effective (if unwise) way to control her abilities. Surge did excel under a leadership position, taking the role very seriously, but it did wear her down. The mental and emotional strain of being responsible for the lives of so many of her classmates almost proved to be too much for her. 

Fun Fact: Surge is close to her brother Keitaro


First Appearance: New Mutants #8 (2004)


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