Powers: Psionic Golem


What!?: A Rock man that can reform with any earth material

Origin: Santo Vanccarro, or Rockslide, was an Italian-American Xavier Student from Boston. He joined the Hellion Student Squad, becoming quick friends with Hellion and Mercury. During a battle in California with the villainous Kingmaker, Santo was destroyed, only to be restored by Hellion. After the M-Day decimation, Rockslide joined the “New X-Men.”

Rockslide was destroyed again during a battle with William Stryker and Nimrod, intercepting an attack meant for Hellion. Later on Santo, along with a number of students, are dragged into the demonic realm of Limbo. Santo was destroyed yet again, but he was able to reform himself, becoming magic-proof. This new form allowed him to defeat Magik, who helps the other students escape Limbo. After the affair, Rockslide demands that fellow students Pixie and Anole be made New X-Men due to their heroic efforts. After the disbanding of the X-Men, Santo briefly joins Donald Pierce’s Young X-Man team. Santo eventually joins the X-Men in Utopia, and then moves to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

His Deal: Rockslide was initially the “Heavy” of the Hellion Student Squad. His best friend was Hellion, and later Anole. He has a brotherly affection for Mercury. Rockslide was one of the few students to be trained as a future X-Man under the New X-Men team.

Personality: Rockslide was originally introduced as a stereotypical bully. Underneath his tough exterior, however, lies a decent and honorable young man. Like many in his class, the deaths of his fellow students following M-Day effected him greatly. Rockslide became more protective of his fellow students, wishing he had been strong enough to protect the fallen alumni. Despite not having a reputation for intelligence, Rockslide is quiet observant, and is able to recognize the benefits of other’s abilities.

Fun Fact: One of Rockslide’s greatest dreams is to become a Professional Wrestler

nxmanimated2 (1)

First Appearance: New Mutants #3 (2003)


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