Powers: Living Non-Toxic Metalloid


What!?: She can transform into mercury

Origin: Cessily Kincaid, or Mercury, is an Irish-American whose parent kept her indoors after her mutant powers manifested. Cessily is eventually sent to the Xavier Institute in the hopes of keeping her “condition” secret. She developed brotherly bonds with fellow students Hellion and Rockslide, and a crush on Hellion Squad member Wither.

Cessily was officially disowned by her parents after a spell forced them to accept their daughter. After the M-Day Decimation, Cessily became part of the “New X-Men,” students deemed skilled enough to be trained as future X-Men. Cessily was later captured by Kimura, X-23’s arch-enemy, because her skin was needed to make the mutant hunting Predator X more durable. Cessily survives the experiments and manages to regain her health. Cessily joins the X-Men in San Francisco and becomes the center of a Public Rations battle between Norman Osborn and the X-Men. Osborn attempts to portray Mercury as a hostage of the X-Men, even using her father’s public testimony. The whole plan fall apart thank to Deadpool, whose attempted killing of Cessily’s father scares him into telling the truth. After these events, the return of Hope Summers, Wither’s fall from grace, and the X-Men Schism, Cessily decides to join the east coast Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.

Her Deal: Mercury is a core member of the Xavier Institute student body. She was a member of the Hellion Student Squad. She had a good relationship with everyone on her team. She had a crush on Wither, whose harmful powers did not effect her. She was also close to X-23, and often stood up for her.

Personality: As an only child, Mercury was doted on by her parents, so their rejection of her due to her mutant abilities hurt her deeply. A part of Mercury wishes she could lose her powers and return to living a normal life with her parents. Despite this, she does not have any real anti-mutant sentiment, and actually got along really well with her fellow students. Mercury is very loyal to her friends, and will not hesitate to defend their well-being or reputation.

Fun Fact: Mercury cannot transform her clothing, meaning she is nude when turning into a liquid form.


First Appearance: New Mutants #2 (2003)


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