Powers: Telekenisis


What!?: He can move things with his mind

Origins: Julian Keller, or Hellion, was sent to the Xavier Institute by his rich family after refusing to hide his new mutant abilities. Taken under the wing of Emma Frost due to his potential for both heroism and villainy, Julian named himself “Hellion” after her original students. Julian was appointed leader of the Hellion Student Squad and developed a rivalry with the New Mutant Student Squad.

Hellion attempted to rescue the imprisoned Wither from the FBI, leading to Wither to switch from the New Mutants to Hellions. Hellion was later disowned by his parents after attempting to bring his squad home for vacation. After the M-Day Decimation, Hellion became part of the New X-Men, a group of remaining Xavier Student to be trained as junior X-Men. On one mission, Hellion had his powers boosted to save the life of X-23, leaving him unable to control them. During the fight for the mutant messiah, Hellion was critically injured, and later awoke to find that the X-men had disbanded. Abandoned, Hellion sought out Magneto, who rejected his attempts to join him. Hellion eventually makes his way to San Francisco and practically starts a pro-mutant riot before the X-men manage to defeat him and bring him to Utopia. Hellion then loses his hands during the Nimrod invasion of Utopia. Hellion is left bitter over the experience, even after being given robotic prosthetics. Hellion later saves Hopes Summers from an out of control Omega Sentinel by violently shutting her down. His actions leave many wondering if Hellion is truly destined for a dark path.

His Deal: Hellion was the leader of the Hellion Student Squad, reviving the old rivalry between the Hellions and the New Mutants. He had relationships with many of the New Mutants, including disliked the leaders, Prodigy and Surge. He also had a crush on Wind Dancer, and he gained the loyalty of Wither. He was a personal favorite of Emma Frost. He is considered to have potential to be a great hero, or a great villain. His closest romantic relationships were with Wind Dancer and X-23.

Personality: Hellion is an arrogant and prideful young man. His incredible mutant abilities and affluent background have given him a slight superiority complex. Hellion has also demonstrated feeling of mutant superiority and anti-human bigotry. Hellion’s confidence have made him naturally charismatic, making him an effective leader. He has a mind for tactics and an ability to inspire others. Hellion has turned into an increasingly angry and bitter individual after the events of M-Day. The death of his best friend, rejection of his crush, and eventually abandonment from his friends and teachers left him emotionally slighted. The lose of his hands may have been the last straw.

Fun Fact: Hellion went to prom with all the Stepford Cuckoos


First Appearance: New Mutants #2 (2003)


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