Powers: Biological Manipulation


What!?: He mainly heals people

Origins:Joshua Foley, or Elixir, was originally a new member of the anti-mutant group known as the Reavers. During a fight between the Reavers and students from the Xavier Institute, Joshua discovered that he was a mutant when he healed the mortally wounded Laurie Collins. He was quickly abandoned by his friends and his family and reluctantly became a ward of the Xavier Institute, specifically under the guardianship of Danielle Moonstar. 

He becomes close to Wolfsbane, and the two eventually kiss, causing Wolfsbane’s wolf form to reactivate and mortally wound Josh. The X-Men manage to revive Josh, but his skin was transformed permanently golden. Josh and Wolfsbane continue seeing each other secretly, but their relationship is revealed to the entire school by fellow student Wither. Wolfsbane is forced to leave the school, and Josh turns into a social pariah. Elixir becomes a member of the New Mutant Student squad and starts seeing Laurie Collins, who helps boost his reputation. Laurie dies after M-Day at the hands of William Stryker, who Elixir kills in retaliation. Laurie’s death inspired Elixir to take full control of his powers, leading the Stepford Cuckoos to psychically transfer all of the Beast’s medical knowledge into him. Later on, Elixir is forced to join X-Force and even gave the untrustworthy Vanisher a tumor to keep him in line. Joshua also helps save Wolfsbane and her unborn baby. Joshua and X-Force later help fight the witch Selene during the Necrosha incident, killing a revived Wither. Due to this, Elixir decideds to take a hiatus from active field duty.

His Deal: Elixir in one of the X-Men’s resident healers. He was part of the second iteration of the New Mutants, and much like Cannonball, he was introduced as a member of an anti-mutant group. He is technically the adopted son of Danielle Moonstar. He also had a romantic relationship with Wolfsbane. He was part of a romantic triangle between himself, Laurie Collins, and Wither. In fact, his relationship with Laurie made him and Wither rivals/enemies. Elixir is also one of the few Omega Level mutants.

Personality: Elixir was once somewhat arrogant and immature. He was use to being the popular boy, and initially did not what to be a mutant because of this. Many considered his golden form a reflection of his vain personality. In the face of the harsh realities of mutant life, however, Elixir has matured. The death of his girl friend Laurie Collins led Elixir down a more humble path. He became more introspective, started learning about Zen Buddhism, and adopted a pacifist attitude. He also wishes to control his powers to their fullest in order to prevent another one of his friends from dying. In hindsight, Elixir’s most consistent characteristic is his desire for a peaceful life.

Fun Fact: When Elixir uses his powers to hurt someone, his skin turns solid Black


First Appearance: New Mutants #5 (2003)


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