Stepford Cuckoos

Powers: Telepathic Hive Mind and Flawless Organic Diamond Morphing


What!?: Powerful psychics, even more powerful when together. They can also turn to perfect diamond.

Origins: Celeste, Esme, Irma, Phoebe, and Sophie Cuckoo, or the Five-In-One, or Stepford Cuckoos, are the genetic clones/daughters of Emma Frost. Also codenamed Weapon XIV, they were created by the Weapon Plus program as a powerful psychic weapon to kill every mutant on Earth. Out of thousands of clones, five were sent to the Xavier Institute as ignorant spies. They quickly became Emma Frost’s favorite students.

Sophie Cuckoo died defeating Quentin Quire, a fellow psychic student who started a riot at the Xavier School after being romantically rejected by Sophie. Furious, the remaining sisters blamed Emma Frost for Sophie’s “heroics” and revealed her psychic affair with Cyclops to Jean Grey. Later on, Esme Cuckoo betrayed her sisters, trying to kill Emma Frost and joining Xorn’s Insurrection. Esme was killed when she lashed out at Xorn for not returning her romantic advances. Now the Three-In-One, the sisters stayed with the X-Men, eventually discovering their secret origins. The girls had been created by John Sublime and forced to return to their birth place after a piece of the Phoenix Force entered the sisters. The Phoenix Force was almost used by John Sublime to boost the Cuckoos and their thousand clones to kill every mutant, but Celeste Cuckoo managed take full control over the Phoenix. However, she was not able to prevent the Phoenix from destroying her cloned sisters, leaving only the Three-In-One. The thee Cuckoos splits the Phoenix within their now diamond hearts, forsaking all emotions. The Phoenix leaves them after Hope Summers is born. The Cuckoos remain with the X-Men, eventually joining Cyclop’s New Xavier School for Mutants.

Their Deal: The Stepford Cuckoos are the biological clones of Emma Frost. They share many similarities to their genetic source, including their blond hair and psychic abilities. The sisters are also part of the Weapon Plus program, just like Wolverine and Fantomex. Though extremely powerful, the sisters usually act as the X-Men’s psychic support, often stationed at Cerebra.

Personality: Partly due to the nature of their powers, the Stepford Cuckoos often act and speak as a unit. They are very close, and almost always consult with one another before doing anything. However, each sister has an individual personality. Sophie was the most heroic. Esme was the most individualistic and cunning. Irma is the most romantic. Phoebe is the most power hungry, and Celeste is the most compassionate and timid. When together, the sister give off an cold and detached aura. Interestingly enough, the sisters’ most common arguments involve boys, which often inspire one of the sister to become more independent. The sisters can be very unforgiving when they feel betrayed, as shown with their relationship with Emma Frost.

Fun Fact: The Stepford Cuckoos’s names by age, Sophie,Phoebe, Irma, Celeste, and Esme spells “Spice.”


First Appearance: New X-Men #118 (2001)

Death: Sophie died defeating Quentin Quire, and Esme was killed by Xorn.


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