Powers: Able to transform into sand like silicon particles

250px-DustProfile (1)

What!?: Sand Powers

Origins: Sooyara Qadir, or Dust, is a Sunni Muslim born in Afghanistan. Sooyara is kidnapped by slavers, but frees herself when her powers manifest. She is found unconscious by Wolverine and Fantomex, who take her with them. When she awakens, Sooyara hides from the X-Men by turning herself into sand, mistaken them for slavers. She comes out of hiding after Jean Grey senses her telepathically, and convinces her that the X-Men mean her no harm.

Sooyara enrolls in the Xavier Institute, and was the first student to discern Xorn’s “true” identity. She attempted to tell Professor X, but both are defeated by Xorn. Sooyara retained her powers after the M-Day Decimation and became a target of mutant bigot William Stryker, who had been told that Dust would play an instrumental role in defeating him and his Purifiers. Dust is saved by X-23 and Icarus, the latter whom died in the process. Sure enough, when Dust enters the battle against the Purifiers, she almost single-handedly defeats them. After the Xavier Institute closes down, Sooyara returns to Afghanistan and defends a small village against the Taliban. She is tricked by a disguised Donald Pierce to return to New York and join a “Young X-Men” team formed to defeat the now supposedly renegade New Mutants. After the battle Dust discovers that her body is slowly turning to glass due to her fight with Magma. Dust dies, but is brought back to life thank to Ink, who used a Phoenix Force tattoo to revive her.

Her Deal: Dust is one of the few positive Muslim characters in comics, and the most prominent in the X-Man universe. She has close bonds with many of her fellow Xavier Institute students, notably Mercury, Icarus, and X-23. Her mutant ability has also allowed her to defeat a wide variety of opponents, from an army of Purifiers to Omega level mutants. Dust’s mission is to reunite with her Mother and give her a safe home.

Personality: Dust is a clam and well-mannered young woman. Many of her fellow students have noted her kind nature and strong will. Dust is also a bit shy, and not very comfortable with some of the West’s more liberal attitudes. Dust is very religious, but respects most others for their beliefs. She does not judge, not wish to be judged. Despite her reserved manner, Dust cares deeply for her fellow classmates. She has wept more than once for the lose of a friend.

Fun Fact: Dust wears a traditional abaya and niqab, not a burqa


First Appearance: New X-Men #133 (2002)

Death: Dust died due to her body turning to glass


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