Angel Salvadore

Powers: Insectoid Humanoid


What!?: Fly powers, acid spit, and healing silk

Origins: Angel Salvadore was kicked out of her home by her abusive step-father due to her manifested mutant abilities. Angel woke the next morning in a cocoon with wings. She is captured by the U-Men, a group that harvest mutant body parts. She is rescued by Wolverine and brought to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Emma Frost takes Angel under her wing, viewing her rough attitude as a challenge. Angel is also dared to kiss fellow classmate Beak, but ends up falling in love with him.

Angel played an instrumental role in taking down Cassandra Nova, Professor X’s evil twin. Angel becomes pregnant and she and Beak hide the pregnancy in fear of expulsion. The X-Men, however, welcome the children and give Angel and Beak a home near the mansion. Both Angel and Beak become members of Xorn’s Special Class, and Angel is the only one to witness Xorn’s true powers. Angel becomes part of Xorn’s uprising, but rebels soon after Beak. Angel and Beak keep on living near the X-Mansion when Beak is forced to join the Exiles, leaving Angel feeling abandoned. The two are reunited and later join the New Warrior until their disbandment.

Her Deal: Angel Salvadore was a quintessential runaway character. She was hesitant to trust and difficult to handle. Emma Frost took a special interest in her because of this. Angel found a romantic future in Beak, another runaway and Xavier “reject.” Angel lost her powers after the M-Day decimation, but gained artificial Fire and Ice powers.

Personality: Angel Salvadore had a rough childhood. Her abusive step-father forced her to develop a tough exterior. She was not immediately trusting of people, and had a somewhat cynical outlook on life. She also had a rebellious spark that acted up from time to time. Part of this stemmed from her own self-loathing inspired by her step-fathers abuse. She had even tried to self-sabotage her chances at the Xavier Institute. Her outlook brightened, however, through her relationship with Beak and the birth of their children.

Fun Fact: In the X-Men movies, Angel is a stripper


First Appearance: New X-Men #118 (2001)


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