Powers: Avian Humanoid


What!?: Bird Powers

Origin: Barnell Bohusk, or Beak, was born in the Netherlands. He ran away from home after his mutation transformed his physical appearance. He enrolls into the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning after they went public. He briefly befriends Beast, who sympathized with his mutation. Unfortunately, their friendship is stunted when Beast is mind controlled and forced to beat Beak within an inch of his life.  Beak survives and developed a romantic relationship with Angel Salvatore. When Angel became pregnant, they hid the pregnancy fearing that the X-Men would kick them out. Instead, the X-Men decided to give the two their own home near the school. Beak was part of the special class that X-Men Xorn tried to convert into his own personal army, but he rebelled and helped the X-Men take him down.

Beak was distraught over Xorn’s betrayal and briefly joined the multi-dimensional team, the Exiles. Beak came up the the plan that defeated the evil Hyperion and essentially saved all reality. After returning home, Beak was one of the many mutant to lose their powers during the M-Day Decimation. Only one of his children still retained the mutant gene. Beak decided to join the New Warrior using a power suit and stayed with them until they disbanded.

His Deal: Visually, Beak was one of the oddest looking mutant students in the Xavier Institute. Ironically, he was also one of the most promising. Despite his underdeveloped powers, fragile body, and supposed low intelligence, Beak showed tremendous leadership and tactical potential. He had even led the Special Class take down the U-Men before they invaded the school. Had he retained his powers, he most likely would have gained a high position with the X-Men.

Personality: Beak disliked his mutant ability and often talked bad about himself. He responded well to authority figures, and often looked up to people who took an interest in him. He is not one, however, to follow someone blindly. Beak ingrained in himself the lessons from the X-Men, specifically that society does not define who or what you are. Beak was also very brave, and has a good mind for strategy. Beak good-natured soul even won him the heart of Angel Salvatore, who had only hit on him on a dare, but genuinely grew to love him.

Fun Fact: Beak’s future grandson considers him a great hero


First Appearance: New X-Men #117 (2001)


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