Powers: Sonic Scream


What!?: She can scream really loud. He can even use sound vibrations to fly. She can also hypnotize people with her voice.

Origin: Theresa Rourke Cassidy, or Sirym, is the daughter of the X-Man’s Sean Cassidy. Sean’s wife Maeve gave birth to Theresa while he was on a mission for Interpol, and she died shortly after due to a car bombing. Sean’s cousin Tom was taking care of Theresa when Sean returned, and was blamed for Maeve’s death. Sean attacked Tom with his mutant sonic scream, leaving Tom crippled. Vowing revenge, Tom chose to raise Theresa in secret. Renaming himself Black Tom, Tom trained Theresa to be his apprentice in crime, but her poor performance on her first job made him fear for her safety. Believing she would come to more harm than good, Tom broke all ties with Theresa, and sent her to live with her father.

Theresa moved to Muir Island to live with Sean’s love interest and X-Man ally Moira MacTaggert. It was there that she developed a crush on Multiple Man, even joining him in a stint with the Fallen Angels. Siryn later joined the newly formed X-Force due to Black Tom’s criminal activities. Siryn becomes the team’s field leader until her throat is severely injured by former ally Feral. Siryn’s throat eventually heals, and she joins Multiple Man’s X-Factor Investigations. Siryn renews her romantic feelings for Multiple Man, and even learns that she is pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, the baby was the child of a duplicate, and is reabsorbed by Multiple Man accidentally. Distraught over this and the death of the father, Siryn chooses to become a mythical Siren.

Her Deal: Siryn the the daughter of Banshee. She is also the foster daughter of Black Tom. She is a member of the original X-Force. Siryn has had relationships with Multiple Man, Warpath, and even the mercenary Deadpool. She ironically served as Deadpool’s voice of reason. She has lead both X-Force and X-Factor, coincidentally both times due to their former’s leaders absence.

Personality: Like her father, Siryn is a fairly level headed person. However, this masks deeper problems. Siryn has always had conflicted emotions due to her love for Black Tom, her kidnapper and international criminal. As a child, she desperately wanted to impress Tom, and his frequent trips made her feel abandoned at times. For much of her youth, she felt that a part of her was broken. Her time in X-Force allowed her to heal along side like-minded individuals. In times of turmoil, Siryn tends to fall into self-destructive tendencies. She even went into deep mental denial over the death of Banshee, refusing to allow herself to feel the lose.

Fun Fact: Siryn is an alcoholic


First Appearance: Spider-Woman #37 (1981)


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