Multiple Man

Powers: Duplication


What!?: He can make copies of himself when he’s hit.

Origins: Jaime Madrox, or Multiple Man, was born near a research facility in New Mexico. Jaime was born with his ability to duplicate himself, leading his family to move to Kansas on a family friend’s suggestion. Jaime’s father created a special kinetic energy absorbing suit to prevent Jaime from accidentally activating his powers. Jaime’s parents died in a tornado, leaving Jaime to take care of the family farm by himself. When Jaime’s suit become damaged, he went to New York and was sent by Professor X to Muir Island as Moira MacTaggert’s research assistant.

Jaime eventually joins the U.S. government sponsored X-Factor, becoming the teams resident prankster. One of Jaime’s duplicates contracts and dies from the Legacy Virus, leading everyone to believe that he is dead. Jaime resurfaces and briefly became the majority of Banshee’s militant X-Corps’s laboring staff. After the fall of X-Corps, Jaime opens his own detective agency called X-Factor Investigation. It is also revealed that Jaime had sent a number of his duplicates to learn different skills around the world, such as gymnastics, martial arts, and litigation. Jaime spends much of his time trying to control his own duplicates and leading his new X-Factor team. Jaime gained a M shaped scar over one eye after a duplicate is sent to Lucas Bishop’s future.

His Deal: Multiple Man went from being a minor supporting character to the leader of his own mutant team. His biggest issue is managing his duplication, or “dupes,” as a rare few gain the ability to think for themselves and seek independence. One dupe joined the Fallen Angels, another became evil, one died from the Legacy Virus, etc. Jaime’s powers make his a very flexible character to write for. Other dupes even reflect aspects of Multiple Man’s psyche. Multiple Man is most affiliated with X-Factor. His best friend is Strong Guy. He has had relationships with Syrin and Layla Miller.

Personality: In his younger days, Jaime had the personality equivalent to a class clown. He always made jokes and didn’t seem that take anything seriously. He used his sense of humor to hide his own fears about the nature of his powers and the metal strain they put him under. Jaime has matured greatly since then, ironically due to the nature of his powers. Having sent multiple duplicates to live different lives, he has since absorbed the knowledge and experience of multiple lifetimes. Thanks to this, he has become a much calmer and wiser man. As a leader, Jaime has a much more informal style than any other X-Team leader. This, however, has allowed him to create a more intimate bond with his teammates.

Fun Fact: Jaime is not a mutant, he is a subset species called “Changelings”


First Appearance: Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 (1975)


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