Amanda Sefton

Powers: The Winding Way


What!?: She does magic.

Origins:┬áJimaine Szardos, or Amanda Sefton, was born to Margali of the Winding Way, a very powerful witch and Nightcralwer’s foster mother. Jimaine fell in love with her foster brother and followed him when he left to join the X-Men, changing her name to the more anglican Amanda Sefton. It was Amanda that stopped her mother from killing Nightcrawler due to his forced killing of her biological son and Amanda’s brother. Amanda and Nightcrawler broke up after the latter’s encounter with the Beyonder.

Amanda resurfaced years later and joined the European team, Excalibur. It was there that she acquired Magik’s Soulsword, which had been residing within Kitty Pryde. Amanda gave the sword to her mother, who used it for her own personal gain. Amanda defeated her mother and decided to stay in Limbo, where the Soulsword gave her authority. Amanda stood guard over Limbo for years, but eventually hid the Soulsword within Nightcrawler when other powers in Hell seemed to covet it. Amanda was later driven out of Limbo by it’s former rulers Belasco and Magik.

Her Deal: Amanda Sefton was originally Nightcrawler’s main love interest. She also served as one of the X-Men’s early experts on magic. Though never an official member, she often supported the X-Men whenever they called. Amanda also ruled Limbo during Magik’s absence.

Personality: Amanda Sefton is, by all accounts, a skilled witch and level headed person. She did not immediately assume that Nightcralwer killed her brother in cold blood. She loves her mother, despite her constant thirst for power. She also has a sense of responsibility, having chosen to stay in the demonic Limbo essentially as it’s warden. One of her biggest traits was her love for Nightcrawler, whom she followed to America to start a relationship.

Fun Fact: During her time in Limbo, Amanda changed her name to Magik.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #98 (1976)


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