Moira MacTaggert

Powers: Geneticist


What!?: She is a Noble Prize winning expert in genetics, specializing in mutations

Origins: Doctor Moira Kinross MacTaggert was a long time ally of the X-Men. She met Charles Xavier during her post-graduate years, eventually becoming engaged. Moira, however, broke off their relationship after Xavier joined the army. Moira instead married Joseph MacTaggert, an abusive man that Moira left after being beaten into a coma and  impregnanted. Moira established the Muir Island Research Center to study mutations and help her son Kevin, whose destructive mutant powers forced him to live in confinement. Moira later became a silent partner in the Xavier School for Gifted Youngster.

Moira fist introduced her self to the X-Men as their new housekeeper, and fell in love with the X-Man Banshee. The X-Men helped defeat Moira’s son Kevin, now calling himself Proteus, before he tried to kill her. Moira lost her son, but later gained a daugther in Rahne Sinclair, a mutant she saved from an angry mob. Moira spent years helping the X-Men, and even established her own team after the X-Men seemingly died. When the Legacy Virus emerged, Moira focused her whole being into curing the virus, and even juggled her research with a stint as a member of Excalibur. Moira became the first non-mutant to be infected with the virus, and eventually found a cure for the disease. Unfortunately, Moira was attacked by Mystique, who planned to manipulate the virus to infect only humans. Mortally wounded, Moira psychically transferred her knowledge to Professor X, which was used to recreate the Legacy Virus cure.

Her Deal: Moira MacTaggert was one of the most important and respected human allies the X-Men ever had. She has helped many of the X-Men at one point. She helped treat a young Jean Grey when her powers first manifested. She took care of Legion when he was a teenager. She adopted Wolfsbane. She was the first person Cable met when he arrived from the future. She co-created Cerebro. She had integral parts in the X-Men, the New Mutants, and Excalibur. He research played a key role in curing the Legacy Virus. She had romantic relationships with Professor X and Banshee.

Personality: Though Moira could be a bit blunt at times, a trait she passed down to Wolfsbane, she was nevertheless a brilliant and kind woman. The suffering her own son had to go through due to his mutation made her very sympathetic towards mutant kind. Moira often came in conflict with Xavier’s more militant decisions, such as the creation of a secret X-Men team. However, she still supported Xavier and his students whenever they needed her. Moira often overworked herself, which perhaps stemmed from the guilt she felt over the life her son had to live. She also kept her personal suffering to herself. This attitude kept her from fully developing her relationship with Banshee, whom she loved very much.

Fun Fact: Moira made horrible coffee


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #96 (1975)

Death: Moira died after being attacked by Mystique


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