Powers: Lyncanthropy


What!?: She’s a Werewolf

Origins: Rahne Sinclair, or Wolfsbane, is a Scottish mutant and orphan who was raised by Reverend Craig, a harshly religious village priest. When Rahne’s powers manifested, Craig led a mob to burn her at the stake, but she was saved by Dr. Moira MacTaggert. Rahne became MacTaggert’s adopted daughter, and was sent to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, joining the New Mutant team.

Rahne developed a close relationship with Danielle Moonstar, and a romantic relationship with Cypher. Rahne later left the New Mutants to join the government sponsored X-Factor, partly due to being mentally bonded to Havok during the Fall of Genosha. When the mental conditioning was undone, Rahne returned to Dr. MacTaggert and joined the European mutant team, Excalibur. Years after MacTaggert’s death, Rahne resurfaces at the reopened Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and briefly enters a relationship with one of its students, Elixir. Rahne then left the Institute and joined X-Factor Investigations, but leaves that team to join X-Force. Her tenure in X-Force saw her kill her long time guardian Reverend Craig, and become pregnant by an Asgardian wolf prince. Rahne rejoins X-Factor Investigations to have her baby. The child’s birth is violent, convincing Rahne that she gave birth to a demon. She abandons the child, but immediately regrets her decision, and eventually reunites with her son.

Her Deal: Rahne was the youngest female member of the New Mutants, and the most innocent. Rahne is the only original New Mutant to never officially join the X-Men. She has had romantic interest in Cypher, Rictor, Cannonball, and The Wolf Prince Hrimhari. She is one of the most consistently religious characters of the X-Men universe, alongside Nightcrawler. Unfortunately, her religious upbringing is also the source of much of her psychological problems.

Personality: Rahne is a deeply conflicted young woman. Her life under the watchful eye of Reverend Craig ingrained in her a very conservative view of sin and God. Part of Rahne views her mutation as evil. Her wolf-form’s natural reliance on instinct contradicts the repressed teachings of Reverend Craig. She interprets almost every bad thing to happen to her as a punishment from God. Rahne would have most likely stayed a shy and inhibited person if not for Moira MacTaggert and the New Mutants, who helped her break out of her shell. Rahne briefly lost almost all reservations (and her accent), after the death of Moira, though this was most likely a coping mechanism. Though Rahne still struggles with incorporating her religious beliefs with her mutant lifestyle, she has gained new levels of assertiveness, and can even be quite brash at times.

Fun Fact: Reverend Craig is Rahne’s biological father.


First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants (1982)


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