Powers: Spacial Displacement


What!?: Teleportation.

Origins: Clarince Ferguson, or Blink, was one of a group of young mutants captured by the techno organic beings known as the Phallanx. She seemingly died using her unstable powers to free her fellow captives, who went on to become Generation X. Years later, the witch Selene returns Blink from a self-described state of perpetual agony. Selene uses Blink to gather enough souls to become a Goddess, but both are stopped by the X-Men. The X-Men track down Blink and stop her from committing suicide, with Emma Frost convincing her that Selene was only using her. Though offered, Blink refuses to join the X-men. Cyclops later orders the New Mutants to find Blink, but she decides to join the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning instead. She briefly joins the New Mutants after this, thus becoming an X-Man.

Her Deal: Blink was a character that become more popular after her death. Blink was resurrected for the Age of Apocalypse storyline, and became a fan favorite. The AoA Blink was more assertive than her main stream counterpart, with a stronger control over her powers. This version of Blink has starred in many books and even her own miniseries.

Personality: Blink was originally introduced as somewhat fidgety. She wasn’t in full control of her powers, which ultimately lead to her “death.” When Blink was reintroduced, she was shown to have become hardened by her years of semi-existence. She was easily manipulated by Selene, to the point of becoming blindly loyal. After Selene’s death, Blink has becoming remorseful for her actions. Blink, most likely because of her lost years, wishes to travel to the world and help people whenever she can.

Fun Fact: Age of Apocalypse Blink was raised by Sabertooth


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #317 (1994)

Death: Blink seemingly died freeing Generation X from the Phallanx

Greatest Crime: Working alongside Selene and helping her gain god-like powers


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