Powers: Shi’ar Warrior


What!?: Super strong and super fast. Trained killer.

Origins: Ava’Dara Naganandini, or Warbird, is an elite Shi’ar bodyguard born from one of the many Shi’ar breeding factories. She was trained to be a warrior from a young age, and actively tried to suppress any non-violent tendencies. When she showed mercy on one of her missions, she was punished by becoming personal bodyguard to Kid Gladiator, prince of the Shi’ar, to Earth. Both were being temporarily exiled to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Warbird joins the X-men shortly after, due to being caught in a fight with the Mauraders.

Her Deal: Warbird is the latest addition to the X-men’s long standing relationship with the Shi’ar Empire, and the first Shi’ar to officially join the team. She was Kid Gladiator’s bodyguard. She showed interest in Iceman.

Personality: Warbird is a warrior born. All she knows is battle, and she will often refer to things in terms of war. She was breed for violence, and had to actively learn to push aside other interests. Still, there are moments when she succumbs to non-violent tendencies. As a child, Warbird loved to draw, an interest that may still live within her.

Fun Fact: Warbird was sent to Earth because she refused to kill a child during a mission. It was hoped that her time with Kid Gladiator and the X-Men school would make her hate children.


First Appearance: Wolverine and the X-Men #1 (2011)


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