Nate Grey (X-Man)

Powers: Telepathy and Telekinesis.


What!?: He can minds and move things with his mind.

Origins: Nathaniel Grey, or X-Man, is the biological son of the Scott Summers and Jean Grey from the alternate Age of Apocalypse. Nate Grey was created by Mr. Sinister as the ultimate weapon against Apocalypse. However, Nate was freed from Mr. Sinister by Cyclops, and eventually found himself under the tutelage of Forge. When Mr. Sinister managed to track down Nate, he killed Forge, leading Nate to read his mind and discover the reason for his birth. Nate chose to face Apocalypse and bring an end to his evil, but the Age of Apocalypse timeline was erased before X-Man could finish the job.

Before the X-Man: Nate found himself in the original X-Men timeline, and he wanders the world, never fully trusting anyone he met. He only really trusted Madelyn Pryor, who he accidentally resurrected. After various adventures, X-Man was captured by this timeline’s Apocalypse, who planned to turn Nate into his new host body. Nate was saved once again by Cyclops, who sacrificed his own body to become Apocalypse’s host. Nate spent much of time afterward fighting off evil alternate versions of Jean Grey and protecting various parallel worlds. Nate seemingly died merging with an alien in order to save the genetic code of every being on Earth.

Nate reemerges years later in an incorporeal form, with Norman Orsborn’s Dark X-Men trying capture him. Nate finally does regain his physical body, and is tortured by the Dark X-Men. Nate is eventually rescued by the reformed New Mutants, but his powers had been severely drained. X-Man is taken to Utopia to recover, and decides to join the New Mutants, and thus the X-Men.

His Deal: Nate Grey is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey from another timeline. He is an alternate version of Cable. Like Cable, his birth was designed by Mr. Sinister. His original destiny was to defeat Apocalypse. And he has a relationship with the New Mutants.  In fact, many consider Nate Grey to be the powerful mutant that Cable can never be due to his techno-organic virus. Nate Grey is one of the most powerful mutants in the world, possibly second only to Legion. His powers are so great, that they literally eat away at his physical being. Nate is one of the many survivors of the fan favorite Age of Apocalypse.

Personality: Nate Grey is an inherently suspicious individual. Growing up in a dystopian timeline, Nate Grey is wary of fully trusting others. Nate is also rash and stubborn, and arguably has a major chip on his shoulder. It could even be said that Nate has a bit of an attitude problem. Nate has no problem resorting to more violent solutions to solve a problem, not unlike Cable.

Fun Fact: Nate Gray and Cable do not get along


First Appearance: X-Man #1 (1995)

Death: X-Man died after merging with the alien Anti-Man


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