Powers: Potentially Unlimited


What!?: He suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, with each personality having a unique power.

Origin: David Haller, or Legion, is the son of Professor X and Gabrielle Haller. The two had met in Israel, and Gabrielle gave birth to David after she had ended her relationship with Xavier, who was unaware that she was even pregnant. At a very young age, David was among the victims of a terrorist attack, which he only survived through the manifestation of his mutant abilities. The event traumatized David and caused him to develop multiple personalities and autistic tendencies. When David became a teenager, he was left in the care of long time X-man ally, Moira McTaggert.

Before the X-Men: During the attack, David has accidentally absorbed the mind of the terrorist leader, Jemail Karami. Karami felt guilty for the pain he had caused the young boy and worked tirelessly to repair David’s fractured psyche. Karami soon found himself in a stalemate with two other personalities, “Jack Wayne” and “Cyndi,” who wanted to retain their independence within David’s mind. David himself was able to regain a portion of control over his own mind through the intervention of the New Mutant and his father, Professor Xavier. Unfortunately, every time David tried to access his powers, “Jack Wayne” would take the opportunity to take over David’s body and run wild. It was during one of these times that David accidentally killed the precog Destiny.

One of these times left David vulnerable to the Shadow King, a long time enemy of Professor X. The X-Men where able to push the Shadow King out of David’s body, but it left the young mutant in a vegetative state. David was awoken from his coma by a vision given to him by the mutant Destiny moments before her death at his hands. His mind now fixed due to the influence of the Shadow King, David was convinced that his purpose in life was to achieve his father’s dream of mutant peace by killing Magneto. David used his immense powers to travel back in time, but his attempted assassination backfires as Professor X died defending a young Magneto. This even led to the creation of the Age of Apocalypse, an alternate timeline ruled the the mutant Apocalypse. The timelines where only fixed through the intervention of Bishop, who showed David the errors of his ways.

David disappeared for years, but was eventually found by the reformed New Mutants. During his absence, David had created hundreds of new personalities, and his mind was once again a war zone. David was able to gain control once again thanks to the help of the New Mutant and Marci, a young girl that David had accidentally absorbed. David is transported to Utopia, where the X-men work to heal his mind. David joins the X-men during the Nimrod invasion of Utopia, using his numerous abilities to stop the robotic horde.

His Deal: Legion is the son of Professor X. He is also the most powerful mutant on the planet. His power are numerous, and he has manipulated the very fabric of reality. His actions have created two alternate timelines, the Age of Apocalypse and Age of X. Legion suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, much like former X-Man Aurora. Legion also has the ability to absorb other minds, which fractures his own psyche further. His mental instability and almost infinite powers also make him one of the most dangerous beings on Earth. Some have even gone so far as to call him a mutant god.

Personality: At his core, Legion is a sweet and gentle young man. His childhood trauma stunted his mental growth to that of a child, and he has only recently been allowed to mature. It was actually this timidness that allowed his other personalities to take over on multiple occasions. Legion usually has to be given self confidence by other people, such as Karami and Marci. Legion even developed a Moira McTaggert personality to act as warden for his other selves. Deep down, Legion want to be a hero, someone who can live up to Xavier’s legacy. He just doesn’t know how.

Fun Fact: The name “Legion” refers to a biblical group of demons. David dislikes the codename.


First Appearance: New Mutants #25 (1985)

Death: Legion died, or was erased from existence, after undoing the Age of Apocalypse.

Greatest Crime: Rewrote reality by accidentally killing his father


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