Powers: Super Strength and Durability


What!?: She’s super strong with steel-hard skin

Origins: Joanna Cargill, or Frenzy, was born into a military family. Her premature birth and female gender made her father despise her, instead choosing to favor his son. Her father’s abusive nature increased even further when his son died overseas. Now legitimately fearing for her life, Joanna tried to defend herself, accidentally killing her father through her newly manifested mutant powers. Shocked at what she had done, Joanna ran away from home. Renaming herself Frenzy, Joanna joins various supervillain teams, notably ¬†Apocalypse’s Alliance of Evil and Magento’s Acolytes. Her devotion to Magneto was so great, that she became his right-hand woman during his reign over the mutant Island of Genosha. After the fall of Gensosha, Frenzy remains an X-man villain until after the events of Age of X, an alternate future where the X-Men never formed and the mutant population were exterminated. In the Age of X timeline, Frenzy was married to Cyclops, and despite everything, was genuinely happy. Not wanting to forget that, Frenzy decides to ¬†join the X-Men.

Her Deal: Frenzy one of a long line of X-Man villains to join the team proper. Where she differs is in execution. Frenzy is the first X-man to join because of her exposure to an alternate timeline, making her the biggest consequence of the Age of X storyline. She is also the third African-American woman to join the team. She has had romantic connections to Magneto, Gambit, and Cylcops.

Personality: Because she was raised in an abusive household, Frenzy has developed a volatile and angry personality. She has chosen to direct her anger at humanity, and often works in radical pro-mutant groups. She only joins the X-men after having an epiphany due to her time in the alternate Age of X timeline. Frenzy has since devoted herself to walk a more heroic path, though she can still become overly hostile.

Fun Fact: Frenzy actually served as Genosha’s U.N. Ambassador


First Appearance: X-Factor #4 (1986)

Greatest Crime: A member of various villain teams, notably the Acolytes


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