Hope Summers

Powers: Mutanegenic Mimicry and Manipulation


What!?: She can copy mutant powers and amplify the mutant gene

Origin: Hope Summers, or the “mutant messiah,” was the first mutant born after the M-Day Decimation, where Magneto’s daughter and long time Avenger, The Scarlet Witch, went insane and uttered the words “No More Mutants,” depowering nearly every mutant on Earth. Hope’s hometown is destroyed by the anti-mutant Purifiers, but Cable managed to rescue her. Hope was also hunted by the time traveling X-Man Bishop, who believed Hope’s actions would result in his darker timeline. The X-Man manage to secure Hope, but Cyclops is convinced by his son Cable that Hope would be safer in the future.

Before the X-Men: Unfortunately, Bishop chases Cable into the future and damages his time traveling device, forcing him to only travel forwards in time. Cable manages to find a safe haven for Hope, and raises her for seven years along side his new wife. When Cable’s wife dies due to Bishops actions, Hope Summer is named after her adoptive mother. Cable and Hope are force to continually travel to the future to evade Bishop. The duo finally manage to return to the present when Hope is about 16-17, and they once again find themselves running for their lives, this time from the super sentient Bastion. Hope finally makes it to safety thank to the actions of Nightcrawler, who dies transporting Hope to Utopia. Bastion launches an assault on Utopia, but Hope manages to avert it by channeling the Phoenix Force, though Cable died during the battle. Hope’s actions also seemed to activate five new mutants, the first after Hope herself, and she makes it her mission to recruit them into the X-men.

Her Deal: Hope Summers was treated as the next big thing in X-men history. Four major events, Messiah Complex, Messiah Wars, Second Coming, and Avengers Vs. X-Men, revolved around her. Hope Summers was supposed to reverse the damage done by the Scarlet Witch during M-Day. She was also speculated to be the new host for the Phoenix Force. Her red hair and connection to the Summers Family made many theorize that she was the reincarnation of Jean Grey. There was also a question on whether or not she was Evil or Good. Ultimately, Hope Summers did in fact restore the mutant population.

Personality: Hope is very protective of her adoptive father Cable, the one constant in her erratic life. She has emulated much of Cable’s style and personalty, preferring the use of guns, and adopting a soldier’s mentality. She can sometimes come off as commanding and headstrong. She is still, however, very much a teenage girl, and felt incredibly pressured by her role as the “mutant messiah.” She felt that the X-men were expecting too much from her, and that she could never hope to live up to their expectations. She grew tired of everyone trying to use her, preferring to fight for her own causes. She was also against anyone fighting in her name, not wanting anyone to die because of her.

Fun Fact: Since Hope is Cable’s adoptive daughter, Cyclops is technically her Grandfather.


First Appearance: X-Men #205 (2007)


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