Powers:  An adaptive healing factor, three retractable claws, animal-like senses and physical abilities, and an adamantium laced skeleton.


What!?: She can heal herself, her bones are indestructable, she has metal claws that can cut almost anything, and she has enhanced taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell

Origin: Laura Kinney, or X-23, is the 23rd attempt to create a genetic clone of Weapon X, also known as Wolverine. She is raised by her mother, Dr. Sarah Kinney, who was the first to propose using a female chromosome to recreate Wolverine. X-23 had her mutation prematurely activated, her claws coated with ademantium and surgically altered, and was conditioned to become uncontrollably savage through a “trigger scent” by Dr. Zander Rice, whose father had been killed by Wolverine in the original Weapon X experiment. X-23 is trained to be an assassin, and Rice uses her to kill his superiors and become head of the cloning project. Dr. Kinney discovers Rice’s actions, as well as the number of X-23 clones he has created, and orders X-23 to kill Rice and destroy the clones. Kinney’s plan succeeds, but not before Rice exposes her to the trigger scent that forces X-23 to kill her. In her dying breath, Kinney names X-23 Laura, and hands her a picture of Charles Xavier and Wolverine.

Before the X-men: X-23 briefly lives with her mother’s sister when she is tracked down by Kimura, one of her previous handlers. She escapes and hunts down Wolverine. Unfortunately, their meeting is cut short by Captain America, who arrests her on multiple counts of assassination. However, he decides to let her go in order to prevent her from being exploited again. X-23 briefly moves to New York, where she meets the X-Men for the first time. She is enrolled into the Xavier Institute and become part of a New X-man team after the M-Day Decimation, and even develops an attraction to fellow teammate Hellion. After some time with the team, X-23 is recruited by Cyclops to join X-Force, a black opts team designed to preemptively deal with threats by any means necessary. Wolverine is invited to lead the team, though he is angry and disappointed at both Cyclops and X-23 for her inclusion. She join the X-Men during the Second Coming event that saw the return of the mutant messiah, Hope Summers.

Her Deal: X-23 is the genetic twin of Wolverine. She, like many characters, is the female version of a popular Superhero (ex: Supergirl, Batgirl, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, etc). Instead of three claws in her hands, X-23 has two claws on each hand, and one on each foot. X-23 was originally disliked by Emma Frost, who viewed her as too dangerous. X-23 is closest to her Xavier Institute classmates, such as Dust and Mercury. She also has a relationship with Hellion. Though technically Wolverine’s twin, he has adopted her as his daughter.

Personality: X-23 is a young woman of few words. She is generally more observant than talkative. It is not to say that she is shy, but her years as a brainwashed assassin have not made her the greatest conversationalist. She was trained to be emotionless, and speaks using very formal grammar. Her upbringing has made it difficult for her to deal with many of the feelings she developed while with the X-men, such as comradery and friendship. Perhaps due to her emotional inexperience, Laura is afraid that she is indeed broken, and may be incapable of relating to others. She even developed the habit of cutting herself in order to feel something. Howerver, Laura is very protective of those around her, and will immediately put herself in harms way to protect a friend.

Fun Fact: X-23 was originally created by the show X-Men: Evolution.


First Appearance: NYX #3 (2004)


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