Powers: Shape-Shifting and Bio-Electric Discharge


What!?: She can transform into a ship and shot lasers

Origin: E.V.A. is the physical manifestation of Fantomex’s nervous system. E.V.A. and Fantomex share a symbiotic relationship that allows E.V.A. to maintain independent physical form, and allows Fantomex to ignore physical pain. Initially, E.V.A. only served as Fantomex’s transportation, taking the form of a flying saucer. Being a part of Fantomex, she technically joins the X-men along with Fantomex. She evolved into a humanoid body shortly after Fantomex’s death.

Her Deal: E.V.A. is Fantomex’s main form of transportation, as well as his mobile headquarters. E.V.A.’s existence makes Fantomex the second X-man with a sentient body part. She is also the second techno-organic member of the X-men after Warlock.

Personality: Since E.V.A. has only been “alive” for a short while, not much is known about her personality. What is known is that she has a very deep affection for Fantomex. Whether or not this is out of their symbiotic relationship, or genuine romantic feeling, is arguable. Being a robotic being, she tends to interpret things through a more formal view point.

Fun Fact: In an alternate future, E.V.A. was one of the last X-men


First Appearance: New X-men #129 (2002)


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